Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just When I Thought It Couldn't Ge Better...

It. Got. Fucking. BETTER!!!

I may cry from sheer delerious JOY! Nobody better hate on my Spice Girls.

I cannot reccomend having a personal theme song enough, and here is one of mine. It's called Holler. I forgive them for recording after my dearheart Geri left.

The only thing better than me getting to go to thhe Spice Girls Reuinon Concert, off my ass on mushrooms & cheap pink champagne, would be if I got to go on a date with Taylor Hawkins that ended in White Castle, watching the film Foul Play, and a wee bit of decent cunnilingus, for crying out loud. That's Mommy's tall, skinny wet dream/dream date, fer sure.

OK, I'd settle for sitting in his sweaty lap while he played the drums and touching myself. Bought and sold, and for cheap, people. That's just me.

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MoPeach said...

"someone" was correct when he said we have similar interests. I love Taylor! Saw him in Austin. Yumm! He was the highlight of my night.