Thursday, November 15, 2007

Daddy's Girl.

You can say all the fucked up nasty things you want about Ms. Amy Winehouse. She's a terror and I am frankly glad of the fact that she is out there making trouble for all who cross her path. She has a great sound that's a much more slick and tender homage to the big bad-ass ladies of Motown past than the mass produced pop tripe we get over here in the States. Although I love me some Christina Aguilera and hope someday to do some shots with her and dance on a cocktail round or two, our little X-tina wishes she was this raw, fun, and savage all in one. So, since I'm asking so very nicely, could everyone fucking shut up and stop shit-talking her? Because sometimes the reason something blows up is because it's GENUINELY GOOD. * Just because the masses have sniffed her out doesn't diminish the fact that she's a unique and important and awesome. Guess what? Nirvana was huge, too, whether they liked it or not.

And by the way, I dedicate this song to all the idiots I was forced to endure while drinking at the Whiskey this past Monday night with the Get Fresh Crew '07- Allocco, Manzella, Kloke and the like (and later, Von Poppelen & Hughes and Mister Jack Daniels, natch).

*Coldplay not included. Sorry, Allocco.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


THE KISSING BOOTH is a monthly comedy showcase hosted by duo Brandy & Sara. Stand ups, sketch, songs, and more from NYC's premiere performers, always with a spectacularly drunken finale. If you can't make the show, drop in for the FREE late nite dance party that begins directly after- cheap booze all nite long. Pucker Up For Comedy!


The Kissing Booth presents: HAPPY THUNKS-GIVING!!!

Nov. 10th, 2007
279 Church Street between Franklin and White
Doors and $3 beers at 10 pm
Show at 10:30 SHARP
Tickets $5 (cheap!)
FREE Basement Dance Party to follow with $3 Beers 'Til Dawn

After a year full of insanity, Brandy and Sara Jo are more than ready to reflect on the bounty of glad tidings bestowed upon them by giving obnoxious, drunken "THUNKS". And they've asked some smokin' hot comedy types to come out and help! Don't let the turkeys get you down, come out and savor the pumpkin pie flavor of:







...and videos from ANDREW CONDELL & DRINK AT WORK!

a holiday heart warming lesson will be taught to Brandy and Sara by the 718 Cold Krumpin' Crew, candy, dancing, shamelessness, pictures of you looking all sizzling hot taken by our incredibly talented co-hort Nathan Kloke (, and surely, A KRUMP OFF WILL ENSUE!

If you haven't been at a Booth show for a while, this is NOT TO BE MISSED. SEE YOU THERE! BRING YOUR DRUNK DANCIN' PALS!

It's Coming Up, Like Paul McCartney & Wings.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: So I have been the world's worst blog-nerd as of late. I took some time off- say, two months or so- and did all kinds of things and was incredibly poor at being consistent in my updates. I am very sorry. What can I say, a lot was going down.

But now, I am back. And we are going to "do it up right, girl", "all NIGHT, girl"! I am going to "come correct" and it will be "all silky silky now". What? Ewwwww.

So, one of the things I got up to recently was getting to see one of my fave music type ladies live. I got my paws on a pair of prime tickets to see M.I.A. at the newly opened Terminal 5 and it was insane. Hands down one of the best shows I have ever been to. Such a great performer, so full of energy and her music combined with the cavernous space- which I hear used to be an airplane hangar- was intense. No one who went to this concert did not dance- NO ONE. M.I.A. and her music were infectious, not to mention her dope moves onstage (or those of her slinky back up dancer lady clad in hologram spandex to boot!). The video installations were intriguing and elicited so many cheers from the crowd I feel like they could have had their own show. All in all, one of the best live music gigs you could have been at and, danced on the damn stage at. And the little Ms. herself, after inviting half the crowd up there, managed to run them about and command them even though most of them were towering over her.

Man, I wish I hadn't gotten so drunk because I'd have grabbed a shirt. Ah, well. Next time.

All pix courtesy of a FLICKR search- thunks and thunks.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween Part 1: Pucker Up.

There are many, many parts, kind of like R. Kelly's Trapped In The Closet. More to follow. I am lazy and never around during the day to post anymore. So busy!

Check out the dress, bought directly from London and in full effect! I got to live my dream of being Geri Halliwell for a few nights. It was as awesome as could be expected, especially since I was a towering 6'2" in the white stripper platform boots I was sporting. I looked like a stag party entertainer, and it was just fine by me. I included a picture of the exact replicas (from a fancy catalog called Flirt which we used to get at the UCB box office, since prior to it being a comedy theater it had been a filthy strip joint). I'd have one posted of me in the actual boots but, I was so tall in them that I didn't fit into the shot, it was either waist down or waist up. Those who saw it in action will have it scarred into their brains forever more, of that I am sure.

More later.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

State Farm.

Here's a new video I was in, written by & starring my old pal Drew Condell, and produced by my pals at Drink At Work. Make sure and vote "funny" at the end!