Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween Part 1: Pucker Up.

There are many, many parts, kind of like R. Kelly's Trapped In The Closet. More to follow. I am lazy and never around during the day to post anymore. So busy!

Check out the dress, bought directly from London and in full effect! I got to live my dream of being Geri Halliwell for a few nights. It was as awesome as could be expected, especially since I was a towering 6'2" in the white stripper platform boots I was sporting. I looked like a stag party entertainer, and it was just fine by me. I included a picture of the exact replicas (from a fancy catalog called Flirt which we used to get at the UCB box office, since prior to it being a comedy theater it had been a filthy strip joint). I'd have one posted of me in the actual boots but, I was so tall in them that I didn't fit into the shot, it was either waist down or waist up. Those who saw it in action will have it scarred into their brains forever more, of that I am sure.

More later.

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