Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Favorite Xmas.

Enjoy! Best of the holidays to you and yours.

With: Sara Jo Allocco, Brandy Barber, Jay Bois, Katina Corrao, Peter Kassnove, Aaron Kheifets, Livia Scott, Matt Sears, and Baron Vaughn

Directed by Nathan Kloke & Brandy Barber

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wearing silk suits tryin' not to sweat.

Here's what's up with me.

1) This playlist, over and over today:
  • Animal Collective "Who Could Win a Rabbit?"
  • Beenie Man "Dude (Panjabi Hit Squad Remix)"
  • Mavado "Weh Dem A Do"
  • The White Stripes "Hello Operator"
  • Tego Calderón "El Abayarde"
  • Dr Dog "Adeline"
  • Cat Power "Lived In Bars"
  • Wolfman "For Lovers"
  • The Stills "Still In Love Song"
  • The Rapture "House Of Jealous Lovers"
  • Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood (Ed Case Remix)"
  • Outkast "Bombs Over Baghdad"
  • Roll Deep "Heartache"
  • ARE Weapons "Don't Be Scared"
  • Dead Prez "Hell Yeah"
  • Cam'ron "Killa Cam"
  • Rick Ross "Hustlin'"
  • Young Jeezy "My Hood"
  • Swizz Beatz "It's Me Bitches"
  • Terror Squad "Take You Home"
  • R Kelly f. Akon & Sean Paul "Slow Wine (Remix)"
  • Akon "I Can't Wait"
  • NORE "Oye Mi Canto"
  • Damian Marley "Welcome to Jamrock"
  • Ladyhawk "My Old Jacknife"
  • Bill Callahan "Sycamore"
  • Lavender Diamond "You Broke My Heart"
  • The Strokes "Hard To Explain"
  • The Roots "Thought At Work (Original Version)"
  • Kanye West "Celebration"
2) Coveting and slobbering and plotting to obtain:

These are limited edition Yo! MTV Raps/Doug E. Fresh Pumas. The sickest. They have MC Shan and Big Daddy Kane ones, too. As Lianne Stokes would say, "That's sexual".

3) Lots and lots or Diet Dr. Pepper.

Peace be with you, bitches. More later.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Daddy's Girl.

You can say all the fucked up nasty things you want about Ms. Amy Winehouse. She's a terror and I am frankly glad of the fact that she is out there making trouble for all who cross her path. She has a great sound that's a much more slick and tender homage to the big bad-ass ladies of Motown past than the mass produced pop tripe we get over here in the States. Although I love me some Christina Aguilera and hope someday to do some shots with her and dance on a cocktail round or two, our little X-tina wishes she was this raw, fun, and savage all in one. So, since I'm asking so very nicely, could everyone fucking shut up and stop shit-talking her? Because sometimes the reason something blows up is because it's GENUINELY GOOD. * Just because the masses have sniffed her out doesn't diminish the fact that she's a unique and important and awesome. Guess what? Nirvana was huge, too, whether they liked it or not.

And by the way, I dedicate this song to all the idiots I was forced to endure while drinking at the Whiskey this past Monday night with the Get Fresh Crew '07- Allocco, Manzella, Kloke and the like (and later, Von Poppelen & Hughes and Mister Jack Daniels, natch).

*Coldplay not included. Sorry, Allocco.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


THE KISSING BOOTH is a monthly comedy showcase hosted by duo Brandy & Sara. Stand ups, sketch, songs, and more from NYC's premiere performers, always with a spectacularly drunken finale. If you can't make the show, drop in for the FREE late nite dance party that begins directly after- cheap booze all nite long. Pucker Up For Comedy!


The Kissing Booth presents: HAPPY THUNKS-GIVING!!!

Nov. 10th, 2007
279 Church Street between Franklin and White
Doors and $3 beers at 10 pm
Show at 10:30 SHARP
Tickets $5 (cheap!)
FREE Basement Dance Party to follow with $3 Beers 'Til Dawn

After a year full of insanity, Brandy and Sara Jo are more than ready to reflect on the bounty of glad tidings bestowed upon them by giving obnoxious, drunken "THUNKS". And they've asked some smokin' hot comedy types to come out and help! Don't let the turkeys get you down, come out and savor the pumpkin pie flavor of:







...and videos from ANDREW CONDELL & DRINK AT WORK!

a holiday heart warming lesson will be taught to Brandy and Sara by the 718 Cold Krumpin' Crew, candy, dancing, shamelessness, pictures of you looking all sizzling hot taken by our incredibly talented co-hort Nathan Kloke (, and surely, A KRUMP OFF WILL ENSUE!

If you haven't been at a Booth show for a while, this is NOT TO BE MISSED. SEE YOU THERE! BRING YOUR DRUNK DANCIN' PALS!

It's Coming Up, Like Paul McCartney & Wings.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: So I have been the world's worst blog-nerd as of late. I took some time off- say, two months or so- and did all kinds of things and was incredibly poor at being consistent in my updates. I am very sorry. What can I say, a lot was going down.

But now, I am back. And we are going to "do it up right, girl", "all NIGHT, girl"! I am going to "come correct" and it will be "all silky silky now". What? Ewwwww.

So, one of the things I got up to recently was getting to see one of my fave music type ladies live. I got my paws on a pair of prime tickets to see M.I.A. at the newly opened Terminal 5 and it was insane. Hands down one of the best shows I have ever been to. Such a great performer, so full of energy and her music combined with the cavernous space- which I hear used to be an airplane hangar- was intense. No one who went to this concert did not dance- NO ONE. M.I.A. and her music were infectious, not to mention her dope moves onstage (or those of her slinky back up dancer lady clad in hologram spandex to boot!). The video installations were intriguing and elicited so many cheers from the crowd I feel like they could have had their own show. All in all, one of the best live music gigs you could have been at and, danced on the damn stage at. And the little Ms. herself, after inviting half the crowd up there, managed to run them about and command them even though most of them were towering over her.

Man, I wish I hadn't gotten so drunk because I'd have grabbed a shirt. Ah, well. Next time.

All pix courtesy of a FLICKR search- thunks and thunks.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween Part 1: Pucker Up.

There are many, many parts, kind of like R. Kelly's Trapped In The Closet. More to follow. I am lazy and never around during the day to post anymore. So busy!

Check out the dress, bought directly from London and in full effect! I got to live my dream of being Geri Halliwell for a few nights. It was as awesome as could be expected, especially since I was a towering 6'2" in the white stripper platform boots I was sporting. I looked like a stag party entertainer, and it was just fine by me. I included a picture of the exact replicas (from a fancy catalog called Flirt which we used to get at the UCB box office, since prior to it being a comedy theater it had been a filthy strip joint). I'd have one posted of me in the actual boots but, I was so tall in them that I didn't fit into the shot, it was either waist down or waist up. Those who saw it in action will have it scarred into their brains forever more, of that I am sure.

More later.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

State Farm.

Here's a new video I was in, written by & starring my old pal Drew Condell, and produced by my pals at Drink At Work. Make sure and vote "funny" at the end!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Independent Subway.

So, there's that.

Thanks as always to the fantastic, riveting and always gut-wrenching PostSecret. Buy their books.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


The Daft Punk concert here in NYC involved a text message from my pal Kloke stating: "Let's concoct a rum-soaked scheme". It may well be the best text message I ever got. Enjoy this cool widget to check what's up with their upcoming album release. You must supply your own rum, however.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mistakes Were Made.

Just a quick note, if you meant to get Chromeo tickets and didn't you suck. The show is sold out now and it's their only US performance for a while, so...allow me to electronically taunt you with this link to the always happening Brooklyn Vegan.

Unless you happen to live in the UK or Canada, you snoozed and you lose-ed. I'm mostly sorry you won't be there in person to see myself and 4 close friends dressed up as none other than the Spice Girls. Oh yes, indeed. It's ON.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Girl Is Callin' Me A Liar.

Oh there are plans afoot for the Halloween week, mon amis. And they involve my fellow Columbia Graduate School pals. Yes, that's right, the funky funky Montreal meets NYC sounds of CHROMEO. I described them as such in a recent email: ...if you can imagine Keith Sweat had sex with Hall & Oates and invited Morris Day & The Time to come join, you'll get an idea of the musical stylings they provide.

Seriously, do yourself a fucking favor. Check out their upcoming super fun gig. Myself and a passel of my super dope accomplices will be there dancing, groping and talkin' all raw. I mean, I'm not inviting YOU per se- but you're more than welcome to come stare at us from across the venue and wish you were you know, like, cool enough to have been invited and all. Ain't no thang.

Click here for info and the like. Here's the fine print:

NY Mag Sponsors:

Ok, bye now.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rocking Massive.

New obsession, thanks to late night Sundance Channel viewing, has been decreed. It's Shameless, a British comedy-drama series that's in its 5th season. If only I had a DVD player capable of decoding regions (or the true graso of what the fuck that even means) I'd be thrilled to but all the prior DVDs but as it is, I shall have to suffer thru watching the early episodes bit by bit here. What's so alluring about the show to me is, that it's not escapism in any way- it documents estate life in Manchester- (sort of like being in the projects in Bensonhurst, if I'm to give my perhaps flawed idea of the class and the specific accent particular region). It's filmed in a really cool style, and the laughs in it are not kooky cut ups ala My Name Is Earl. The things that take place on the show and in the episodes are things that break your heart and make you laugh-like having a drunk parent that can't hold down a job and gets dropped off at your apartment by the cops after passing out and pissing his pants on a regular basis. OK, I find that funny, get fucked if you don't.

If you get a chance, check it out. It's something really special. Kind of reminds me of my briefly held, Summer of 1995 obsession with Neighbours and EastEnders, but with humor allowed in.

On that note, can someone with British citizenship marry me already? I mean, really.

Come On And Meet Me At The Rally.

Porter sent me this video and I about died of joy. Please do yourself the service of watching it this very instant.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Big(gest) Break Up.

This past week, I had to leave one of the best relationships of my life. And I'm none too pleased about it. There was nothing I could do about it, nothing that could save it. I am, for lack of a better term, heartbroken.

Every day, there are moments of sheer despair where I realize- Oh my god. It's really, truly over. Lines were crossed, and there's no going back when that happens.

It's terrifying, not having the safety & security that I did before, but everything happens for a reason, and I just have to be open to that. I know this will get easier and the pain will pass...but until then, it sucks.

Let me say once and for all and on the record: I love you, Smoking. I will always love you. And I'm so sorry things had to end this way. But you and I were just not meant to be anymore. So go. Go forth and make all those cups of coffee, and debacherous drunken dance nights, and hungover awkward mornings with new, semi-nude friends all so much more vibrant. Just, no- don't say anything, just go.

Here's to a good run, kid.

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Kissing Booth- Tomorrow Nite!

What, you ask, is THE KISSING BOOTH? Why, it's a monthly comedy showcase hosted by duo Brandy & Sara. Stand ups, sketch, songs, and more from NYC's premiere performers, always with a spectacularly drunken finale. If you can't make the show, drop in for the FREE late nite dance party that begins directly after- cheap booze all nite long. Pucker Up For Comedy!

The Kissing Booth presents: TALENT UNLIMITED!

September 29th, 2007
10:30 pm - $5 cover
Doors open at 10pm- come early and get your drink on pre-show!

The Tank
279 Church Street between Franklin and White

$3 Bud & Bud Lite All Nite Long!

As always, the kick ass dance party begins right when the show ends, SO STICK AROUND!

This month's THE KISSING BOOTH features guest hosts Amy Eckerson & Monica Delmonico from TALENT UNLIMITED casting! That's right, Brandy & Sara are taking some time off, but Amy & Monica are here to showcase some of theit newest talent finds from NYC, such as:

Emlyn Morinelli!

Sue Ball!

Videos from Aubrey Tennant!

Rob Lathan!

Sean Patton!

PLUS! A heart-warming, grave-defying visit from Bindi & Steve Irwin, a seminar from Kristi, Coco's Southern California Region #63 waitstaff service trainer, tech wizardry from our 3X Dope head writer MATT SEARS, photos of you looking all hot and shit taken by that firecracker Anya Garrett (, and lots of hi-jinx and capers and cutups!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

One Vagical Night.

My dear friends Party Central USA were nice enough to ask me to participate in their newest video, and how could I say no? Check it out, and check them out as well at their new monthly show, SKETCHUBATOR, or online here. This was edited and shot by the fun-tastic Oren Brimer, by the by.


If you missed out on Oren Brimer's pool party this weekend, then console yourself with the knowledge that you missed me clad only in a RIDICULOUS bathing suit meant for a flat-chested Polish runway model, splashing around like a marmoset hopped up on Red Dye #5 gleaned from the Capri Sun pouch of a kid who hurled it off the Safari Rail ride into my greedy little paws.

Shame on you.

BUT! Here's your chance to re-live the glory days! Simply imbibe an entire case of Boone's Farm Pina Colada Delight Wine (pref. room temperature), then watch the above clip. It's sure to bring a tear to the eye of any who were forced to be groped, slobbered on, or who participated in a chicken fight they wanted no part of but were recruited into by the force of my muscular legs wrapped firmly about their cheeks (Eric Andre, I'm talking to you).

COME ON AND GET MORTIFIED- This Wednesday Sept. 26th!

Hailed a "cultural phenomenon" by Newsweek and celebrated by the likes of This American Life, The Today Show, The Onion AV Club, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Daily Candy, and more, Mortified is a comic excavation of teen angst artifacts (journals, letters, poems, lyrics, home movies, stories, and more) as shared by their original authors before total strangers. As the largest and longest-running project of its kind, our grassroots comedy collective has spent years sifting through hundreds of otherwise forgotten notebooks on a mission to celebrate the extraordinary lives of ordinary people.

WHEN: Wednesday, Sept. 26th, 2007 @ 7 PM
WHERE: Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction, 34 Ave. A b/t 3rd & 4th Streets


Sorry about when I made out with you. All of you.

There was a pool party. There was a hungover brunch. And there was magic in all the land!!!

Also the Comedy Central pilot shoot went great, thanks. My cat finally came out from under the bed after cowering there for the full 12 hours that the shoot took. I am still cowering, however. I frighten easily, what can I say? That's all for now, because I am a lazy turd.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I am in love with you.

Watched a great "love note to New York" movie tonight- one of my fave types of films. It was called After Hours, and Martin Scorsese directed it. I remember so clearly when this came out in theaters, I was too little to go and it was considered very naughty. "Racy" is the word, I guess.

Check it out sometime. You may really love it, too. Plus, Teri Garr AND Catherine O' Hara are in it. Two comedy heroines of mine, in the same film, delightful. Griffin Dunne is very hot, BTW.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Girl, Put Your Penis On- NSFW.

Enjoy this first picture, because I said so and that is why.

Now in this later series we see 3 photos, so let me explain. Carolyn requested we send a photo for tonight's Chicks & Giggles appearance. Sara was in Japan, but managed to dutifully dredge up this dual flag shot from The Kissing Booth circa July 2006. I, however, missed this and in a flight of fancy, selected the all green winner shown below it from the March 2007 show, (one of our last at the D-Bag Lounge, I might add). Sara politely rebuked me via email to Carolyn saying she'd prefer to use the prior shot as it showed a little "less crotch" (in hindsight and upon reflection, she has a valid point). I decided I didn't like the tone of that email and made a new picture to share. And that is where the last one comes in. Let it never be said I am not a petty horrid troll who does not deserve friendship but somehow, due to deal with Old Scratch Satan himself, manages to purloin it ever still.

Anyways, come see that dynamic of spite in full effect tonight! At the FREE Chicks & Giggles show at Mo Pitkins! 8 PM! Yay!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Antics in the Forbidden Zone!

Got to love that reference. And speaking of antics...come see some prime ones tomorrow night from some crazy ladies...and one extra special* red-headed lady, too!

* by "special" I mean, he has a wang.

Friday, September 07, 2007


As you are all aware, I, like Motley Crue before me sang, am too fast for love. But I think about it a lot and sometimes, I think it may actually be a real thing. Then I think about some of the people I've dated or stories I've heard from close friends. And I say "Naaaaaaah" and have another Maker's rocks.

I decided, therefore, when faced with what had to have been the most DEADEST of DEAD shifts a few days ago, to make the following proclamation:

When people start dating one another they should attach to this ritual a title. My pick: LET THE RUINING BEGIN!

In other news I have to clean my apartment in order for a pilot to be filmed there (a real one, not some rinky dink nonsense). I had a karaoke marathon at Planet Rose that ended with at least 3 drunken spills to the floor. And I went on a nice walk in Soho and saw some great Fairey stencil postings which I snapped for you to enjoy. And I'm reading the Aline Komsinsky-Crumb graphic bio Need More Love right now and it is so amazing. And I am so glad the summer is over, as this is my favorite time of year here in Brooklyn. I'm already getting excited about planning my annual X-mas Party, which shall be insane and will involve mistletoe and punch and mirth and pigs-in-a-blanket. Glee!!!

Friday, August 31, 2007


Some people celebrate a BEYOND sold out show that they co-produced, and a visit from their boss from LA, with a tasteful glass of ginger ale and lots of banter. Then, they casually elect for an early night home in bed spent reading the classics and ruminating on their shared success.

Anne and I are not "some people". Them peoples is fags.

No, instead we staggered to Doc's after blowing it out at Mo's and had a little sticker party, and it was classy-like as all fuck. Later there was a Choco Taco and-yes- PIZZIES!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


If you're thinking of coming, go buy tickets now- we're almost sold out as of this posting and will be for sure by showtime tonight!


Hailed a "cultural phenomenon" by Newsweek and celebrated by the likes of This American Life, The Today Show, The Onion AV Club, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Daily Candy, and more, Mortified is a comic excavation of teen angst artifacts (journals, letters, poems, lyrics, home movies, stories, and more) as shared by their original authors before total strangers. As the largest and longest-running project of its kind, our grassroots comedy collective has spent years sifting through hundreds of otherwise forgotten notebooks on a mission to celebrate the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. Mortified is co-produced in New York by Brandy Barber & Anne Altman.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 @ 7 PM
WHERE: Mo Pitkin's, 34 Ave A (
TICKETS: Pre-show $10, $12 at the door

WHO: Nichelle Stephens, Nate from The Apiary, MORTIFIED creator Dave Nadelberg, Jen Hyjack, Angel Yau, Law Tarello, Anne Altman, and Emlyn Morinelli!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Someone named me is going to see a band called Camera Obscura this very Friday night! Have a listen and you'll see why. This is If Looks Could Kill from their fantastic album Let's Get Out Of This Country.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Two, too hype.

Things have been insane lately. And by "things" I mean, me. Just so busy, so crazed and all. Anyway, here's what I've been up to of late:

  • I drove a car in New York City (and did well by the way, thanks, only yelled at by one traffic cop who then laughed with me at my automobile follies) all the while howling along to Nada Surf at top volume. Thanks, Zipcar! Thanks, Griffin Audio iTrip transmitter! And thanks, Jesus!
  • I shot a fucking awesome video with the Party Central USA crew and I cannot WAIT to see it. Oren Brimer, super comedy man, was on the 1"s & 2's for it. That's the wrong term but I liked it, so suck it if you must.
  • I brought my lovely bike back down from Poughkeepsie and got it tricked out with two baskets on the back and a bell that says "I Love My Bike". Amelia Bedelia is in full effect on the streets of Brooklyn!
  • I got to have a lovely convo with my pal Brent Sullivan about politics, drama and makeout tactics, all while drooling at my latest hot-stuff conquest acrost the bar.
  • I attended the FANTASTIC Beauty Bar Comedy Show's One Year Anniversary Shindig and wished the oh, so crushable Vince Averill a Happy 24th Birthday! Remember Vince, you have vertigo, but vertigo doesn't have you, right good buddy?!
  • I crashed a party in a white stretch limo full of hot Broadway gayboys and shotgunned PBR with Wendy Ho and John F. O'Donnell. Too good to be true. BUT IT IS!!!!!!!
  • I got to perform on stage with the inimiatable Sue Ball, eat ice cream with Matt McCarthy, be yelled at for heckling by Pete Holmes- all in one show! And then, I traipsed over to Doc Holiday's whereupon I acted the fool with the likes of Nathan Kloke, handsome troublemaker and partner in mischief esquire.
  • I turned my head and missed the very drunken Ms. Sara Jo Allocco taking a spill ala Beyonce' as she marched into the Polish dive bar Lucy's to retrive Kloke and I after we ran away to do shots and ditched Doc's because some hefty Polish gal decided to start pole dancing and kept sitting on Matt Sears's head.
  • I made fun of people to their faces during a very crowded brunch shift and still got tipped!
  • I managed not to get wrecked after the latest Kissing Booth, where we all dressed in gross beach clothes and made fun of idiots who like beach volleyball. Sideout Sport this, FAG!
  • I found a pair of dope limited edition Adidas and only paid 30 bucks for them on sale!
  • I explained to my cat Nigel that if he jumped up on my head one more fucking time while I was sleeping he was going to the pound and then, cried for even joking like that!
  • I bled on my roommate Porter's favorite towel due to my annoying old period! JUST KIDDING PORTER (or am I?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I developed a totally lame and predicatble, yet unsatiable, addiction to XXX Vitamin Water! $2 for a bottle of watered down Kool Aid?! What a rip!
  • I read a shitload of books: Wasted, Possible Side Effects, Beauty Junkies, Not Buying It, Confessions of a Memory Eater, Love Monkey.
  • I got some new albums from some old bands, Camera Obscura, Nada Surf, The Libertines.
  • I went to a secret show on the boat Peking in South Street Seaport to see the AWESOME Fountains of Wayne with Matt Sears. There was an open bar hosted by Grey Goose and I had about 19 cocktails and then went to Long Island City to the karaoke portion of the comedy show hosted there by John F. O'Donnell and sang ELO and yelled at everyone about the musical genius of Jeff Lynne.
  • And...I quit smoking for one full hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that's what's new in Brandyland. And you, kittens? How's tricks?

Do tell.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tonight: The Rochelle Show!

Sara and I will be making damned braying jackasses of ourselves at the FANTASTIC Sue Ball's show- The Rochelle Show! PLEASE do yourself the favor of coming out and seeing how this all turns out (HINT: Insanity will ensue). Take a gander at this video of the lady Rochelle herself, and see what I mean. SEE YOU THERE SUCKAS!!!


Pete Holmes
Kurt Braunohler
Matt McCarthy
Ann Carr
Brandy Barber and Sara Alloco
Katina Carrao
Bob Bell as "Carl the embittered son"

and a special guest appearance from Rochelle's Mother "a real piece of shit!"

Mo Pitkin's (upstairs in the lounge)
34 Ave. A between 2nd and 3rd Sts.

"Bring your lover."

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Kissing Booth: BACK TO THE BEACH- Tommorow Nite!

The Kissing Booth presents: Back To The Beach

August 11th, 2007
10:30 pm - $5 cover
Doors open at 10pm- come early and get your drink on pre-show! The Tank
279 Church Street between Franklin and White

$3 Bud & Bud Lite All Nite Long!

As always, the kick ass dance party begins right when the show ends, SO STICK AROUND!

This month's installment of THE KISSING BOOTH finds hosts Brandy & Sara draining the dregs of the summer nectar cup...but wait! Who are those evil volleyball kids, and what can the girls do to save the Kissing Booth? Come and find out, and catch sizzling hot comedy from:

Rebecca Ciletti!

Neil Charles!

Videos from DRINK AT WORK!

Livia Scott!

Aubrey Tennant!

Michelle Buteau!

plus special guest appearances from Micheal Terry, Katina Corrao, Jay Bois, Adam Wade, Amanda Pettit, and Kevin Allison (MTV's The State)!

PLUS! Comedy tech wizardry from our 3X Dope head writer MATT SEARS, photos of you looking all hot and shit taken by that firecracker NATHAN KLOKE (, and lots of hi-jinx and capers and cutups!


You're Welcome.

Enjoy a song that, if you already know, and are a boy*, and are over 6" tall, we should marry. It's The Style Council's My Ever Changing Moods.

* Bonus Points if you: Have a British accent- Have Dark hair- Do not own Tevas.

Monday, August 06, 2007

VhI's Best Wig Ever.

Some snaps from the tail end of teaching upstate, and from my turn at Livia Scott's super fun show this past week. A hoot and a holler and all that. Katina and that wig were the highlight of that prior week for me, easily.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Are You There, God? It's Me, Bran-gret, Part II.

Thanks god, for making Matt Sears be my friend. Because he sends me links to YouTube vidoes like the following:

In high school. because it was a funny joke that all the girls on drill team were doing (seriously- there were 10 of us or so, you'd think we could have stepped it up a notch for dignity and gone right to Hot Dog on a Stick, but no), I got a job at the local Showbiz Pizza that had been bought out by Chuck E Cheese's, so we had both the R.A.E. crew, including Fats, AND a Chuck E.

I lasted roughly 3 weeks. Later, I used my bright blue mini plastic Chuck E. purse to cart my stash to various Rage Against The Machine & Soundgarden shows in Tijuana. Last I saw it, it got knocked out of my back pack while I was in the mosh pit during Alice in Chains at Lollapalooza '92. But not a day goes by that I don't miss it.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Come out and see my pal Lianne Stokes in her re-worked, re-vamped one woman show, all about losing her virginity so late she made someone say: "Wow, you're still a virgin? I was 23, and I'm Mormon."

I've been helping out here and there with this so it's a project near and dear to me. Should be awesome fun!

Weds. Aug. 1st @ 7:00 PM $5
Mo Pitkin's, 34 Ave A b/t/2nd & 3rd Streets