Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Girl Is Callin' Me A Liar.

Oh there are plans afoot for the Halloween week, mon amis. And they involve my fellow Columbia Graduate School pals. Yes, that's right, the funky funky Montreal meets NYC sounds of CHROMEO. I described them as such in a recent email: ...if you can imagine Keith Sweat had sex with Hall & Oates and invited Morris Day & The Time to come join, you'll get an idea of the musical stylings they provide.

Seriously, do yourself a fucking favor. Check out their upcoming super fun gig. Myself and a passel of my super dope accomplices will be there dancing, groping and talkin' all raw. I mean, I'm not inviting YOU per se- but you're more than welcome to come stare at us from across the venue and wish you were you know, like, cool enough to have been invited and all. Ain't no thang.

Click here for info and the like. Here's the fine print:

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Ok, bye now.

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