Monday, October 15, 2007

Rocking Massive.

New obsession, thanks to late night Sundance Channel viewing, has been decreed. It's Shameless, a British comedy-drama series that's in its 5th season. If only I had a DVD player capable of decoding regions (or the true graso of what the fuck that even means) I'd be thrilled to but all the prior DVDs but as it is, I shall have to suffer thru watching the early episodes bit by bit here. What's so alluring about the show to me is, that it's not escapism in any way- it documents estate life in Manchester- (sort of like being in the projects in Bensonhurst, if I'm to give my perhaps flawed idea of the class and the specific accent particular region). It's filmed in a really cool style, and the laughs in it are not kooky cut ups ala My Name Is Earl. The things that take place on the show and in the episodes are things that break your heart and make you laugh-like having a drunk parent that can't hold down a job and gets dropped off at your apartment by the cops after passing out and pissing his pants on a regular basis. OK, I find that funny, get fucked if you don't.

If you get a chance, check it out. It's something really special. Kind of reminds me of my briefly held, Summer of 1995 obsession with Neighbours and EastEnders, but with humor allowed in.

On that note, can someone with British citizenship marry me already? I mean, really.

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