Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Honey's Bunnies @ The Kissing Booth [Uber NSFW]

Thanks to all our fella comedian friends who came out for this and horrified/delighted us.


Friday, January 25, 2008

The Kissing Booth: TONIGHT!

The Kissing Booth presents: The Kissing Booth After, After-Dark

Friday, January 25th, 2008

279 Church Street between Franklin and White
Doors at 11:30pm

**Admission this month is FREE!
**Basement Dance Party to follow show with $3 Beers 'Til Dawn
**PLUS: FREE Shot if you arrive dressed in pajamas!

This month your hosts Brandy & Sara bring you an homage to Hugh Hefner's classic program Playboy After Dark, Kissing Booth style. Come be part of a hip, swinging bachelor-ette party, the kind of bash where guests drop in to chat, while cool people lounge in their swanky cocktail clothes exchanging bright ideas and being all jive. Show up in your own pajamas and you get a free shot. Join us for what is sure to be a night of smoking jackets, cognac, and suave, sophisticated sexism. And look who's going to drop by to mix and mingle:

JOHN F. O'DONNELL (host of Kingdom of Heaven, Comedy Central's Fresh Faces of Comedy)

GREG JOHNSON (host of the Greg Johnson & Larry Murphy Show)

Videos from GORDON & LUBELL (

PLUS: Candy, dancing, men in bunny ears, shamelessness, and pictures of you looking all sizzling hot taken by our incredibly talented co-hort Nathan Kloke ( ). And maybe, just maybe, a real live Kissing Booth!

Cost: FREE!

Official Site:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dance Dance Party Party!!

Dance Dance Party Party (DDPP) is more than a dance party, it's a mother-effin' revolution! As seen in the pages of Time Out NY and Bust Magazine, this weekly NYC all-female jam fest something that I think you should check out very soon. And look here...

Laura House from Bust Magazine says:

Now in its second year in N.Y.C., DDPP has recently cropped up in Chicago and L.A. as well. No matter where the party starts the format is the same. It's held in a dance studio (everyone throws in $6-$8 for rental costs), lights are dimmed, and a 90-minute ipod set of stellar jams is cranked. A light machine spins in the corner as women spin through the room in their own blissful orbits, free from greasy guys leering or hipster chicks throwing 'tude. 'It feels weird at first, [co-organizer Glennis] McMurray says, 'but it's also awesome because you're with a bunch of other women having a bonding experience.' There is no formal instruction at DDPP, but there can be moments of what McMurray calls 'spontaneous choreography,' when participants can't resist restructuring famous steps like the zombie moves from 'Thriller,' or the 'Maniac' routine from Flashdance. 'The best part,' says McMurray, 'is when people are shy [at first] and then they get started and realize this really is an environment where no one is going to stare or judge.'"

To learn more about DDPP NY and our other locations visit!

Cost: $6-$8

Official Site:

My pals Glennis and Marcy are at the helm of this and I wanted to help spread the word- and so should you! Tell other lady pals to come on out and shake a tailfeather at DDPP. It just sounds like magical fun, now doesn't it?!?

Monday, January 21, 2008

I have been very sick.

And so I have been on the couch, coughing up significant chunks of lung and drinking lots and lots and lots of broth. So much so, that I never want to have a bowl of soup, ever again. Even though laughing makes me have a hacking fit that ends in me wheezing uncontrollably for breath, I had to watch various episodes of this show, and I cannot stop howling with laughter at this fine commercial in general.

Do yourself the favor of checking Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job out. Life-changing.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Songs What I Forgot: Debut Edition!

OK, so this came out when I was 14 and this, combined with a lot of "Need You Tonight" by INXS and my first sighting of a very young, very beautiful Keanu Reeves having fumbling sex in a sleeping bag in the terrifying cornerstone of stark 1980's teen angst films River's Edge was way too much for me to handle. HUMP OVERLOAD!!! I used to listen to this song a lot, so much in fact that I began to hate it and the CD it was off of. Which if I recall, was an early entry into my already budding collection that boasted the Eurythmics and Elvis Costello and the Attractions (OK that one may have been my Dad's but I liked to pretend it was mine).

Recently, I was out getting ridiculously drunk due to the open bar I was presented with starting at 5 PM during a producing showcase I attended with my frequent troublemaker and co-producer Alty. Sadly we decided we "needed" a nightcap (OK again, just me) and went to the nearby Slainte, where this song came on and I was pleasantly reminded of it being the jam and all. This version, with the fantastic MC Lyte guesting, is the sickest. Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Check out my bird.

So much to say and so bad at making the effort to do so. Sheesh. Perhaps this classy album cover can sum it up for me.

Nope, nope. Cancel that.

Hope everyone's New Year 2008 is going swimmingly. I myself have gone on a money diet and re-quit smoking. My cat had to have an enema and I am attempting to not be so negative and mean all the time.

Maybe I will write more later. Maybe I will not. OK, I will, we all know I totally will. Guys, don't go throwing yourself off a bridge in despair.

One thing that I've been meaning to do it to take this blog apart, removing a slew of old posts that no longer need to be accessible to the public eye. As I'm doing this month by month, scanning the archives, I promise to try and be better about frequent updates. And wave goodbye to anything where you can make anything other than a vague ID on me, because the trail of electronic litter is coming to a much needed end. Know that.