Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Check out my bird.

So much to say and so bad at making the effort to do so. Sheesh. Perhaps this classy album cover can sum it up for me.

Nope, nope. Cancel that.

Hope everyone's New Year 2008 is going swimmingly. I myself have gone on a money diet and re-quit smoking. My cat had to have an enema and I am attempting to not be so negative and mean all the time.

Maybe I will write more later. Maybe I will not. OK, I will, we all know I totally will. Guys, don't go throwing yourself off a bridge in despair.

One thing that I've been meaning to do it to take this blog apart, removing a slew of old posts that no longer need to be accessible to the public eye. As I'm doing this month by month, scanning the archives, I promise to try and be better about frequent updates. And wave goodbye to anything where you can make anything other than a vague ID on me, because the trail of electronic litter is coming to a much needed end. Know that.

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newbluebaby said...

But I'm not finished my Brandy fake ID!!!