Friday, September 07, 2007


As you are all aware, I, like Motley Crue before me sang, am too fast for love. But I think about it a lot and sometimes, I think it may actually be a real thing. Then I think about some of the people I've dated or stories I've heard from close friends. And I say "Naaaaaaah" and have another Maker's rocks.

I decided, therefore, when faced with what had to have been the most DEADEST of DEAD shifts a few days ago, to make the following proclamation:

When people start dating one another they should attach to this ritual a title. My pick: LET THE RUINING BEGIN!

In other news I have to clean my apartment in order for a pilot to be filmed there (a real one, not some rinky dink nonsense). I had a karaoke marathon at Planet Rose that ended with at least 3 drunken spills to the floor. And I went on a nice walk in Soho and saw some great Fairey stencil postings which I snapped for you to enjoy. And I'm reading the Aline Komsinsky-Crumb graphic bio Need More Love right now and it is so amazing. And I am so glad the summer is over, as this is my favorite time of year here in Brooklyn. I'm already getting excited about planning my annual X-mas Party, which shall be insane and will involve mistletoe and punch and mirth and pigs-in-a-blanket. Glee!!!

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