Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Girl, Put Your Penis On- NSFW.

Enjoy this first picture, because I said so and that is why.

Now in this later series we see 3 photos, so let me explain. Carolyn requested we send a photo for tonight's Chicks & Giggles appearance. Sara was in Japan, but managed to dutifully dredge up this dual flag shot from The Kissing Booth circa July 2006. I, however, missed this and in a flight of fancy, selected the all green winner shown below it from the March 2007 show, (one of our last at the D-Bag Lounge, I might add). Sara politely rebuked me via email to Carolyn saying she'd prefer to use the prior shot as it showed a little "less crotch" (in hindsight and upon reflection, she has a valid point). I decided I didn't like the tone of that email and made a new picture to share. And that is where the last one comes in. Let it never be said I am not a petty horrid troll who does not deserve friendship but somehow, due to deal with Old Scratch Satan himself, manages to purloin it ever still.

Anyways, come see that dynamic of spite in full effect tonight! At the FREE Chicks & Giggles show at Mo Pitkins! 8 PM! Yay!


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sarajoisawesome said...

Really I don't deserve friends like you. I'm just too damn lucky.

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