Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Songs What I Forgot: Bad Boy, Miami Sound Machine

Wow. I mean, WOW.

My roommate Porter and I were discussing Miami Sound Machine the other night, do not ask me why (I was late for a wedding shower but could not resist the dissection of their first hit CD Primitive Love, which my Dad owned). And we both recalled this song gem with delight and fondness. It would be an understatement to say I absolutely used to LOVE this song. Surely, it was used in every mixed boys & girls dance class for the recital circa 1984, no? Because it sure as hell was in mine. "Bad" being the operative term.

Enjoy the alternate cast of "CATS", or, if the very suggestion of human adults clad in spandex and fake fur would cause you to have nightmares for the remainder of your earthly life, click here for an alternate take of the video (because one is NEVER enough when it comes to Gloria Estafan, people. GET IT RIGHT). Up to you.


Eliza said...

We lived the same childhood, Brandy Barber! I performed this song at my summer camp's lip sync contest and won a FIERCE "gag me with a spoon" button. I knew this entire casette tape by heart. Other hits include "Conga!" and "Words Get In The Way."

Liz said...

I'm about 6 weeks late on this but I'll comment anyway...I LOVED Three Men and a Baby and this song was it's theme at the beginning when we see Guttenberg, Danson and Selleck living their lady-filled, short-shorts jogging, bachelor life (where they had a painting of themselves airbrushed on the wall of their apartment). I moved to NYC to meet guys like this. Sadly, I've yet to meet three well-to-do professional Bad Boys who live together.