Friday, July 11, 2008

Speaking of animated canines...

I, from as long as I can recall, was OBSESSED with boys and making out with them. I was never, ever one of those girls that thought kissing was "gross" or "yucky". I always, ALWAYS was so fascinated with it and in search of it. If you know adult me you will also know, not much has changed. Ok, let's put it more frankly: ain't a damn thing changed.

Anyway I remember being so obsessed with wanting to kiss a boy while this song was playing. Other 1980 make out music musts for the then 6 year old Brandy? Don't mind if I do!

Don't Walk Away, ELO- from Xanadu:

Tonight's The Night, Rod Stewart:

Kiss You All Over, Exile:

Annnnnd, gross.

1 comment:

anne altman said...

what about bad breath? never encountered this situation im assuming?

i'll put you off making out for a decade or so, i promise you.

at least that's my excuse.