Monday, March 03, 2008

#2: Use A Strategy For Happiness.

Today's entry in my new book obsession told me figure out what I wanted and then, develop a strategy to go after it. So here were my thoughts. Enjoy them in all their vapid splendor.

1. Put together an awesome outfit of muted charcoals and black, giving me plenty of leeway to prance about wearing my gold foil spike heels (which I may have ruined after Thanksgiving when I stepped in mud and demanded this be photographed as some sort of yuppie commentary on Williamsburg's condo explosion. I had had a lot to drink. Clearly.)

2. Listen to 50% more Chromeo (always a mood enhancer- "Fancy Footwork" will change your whole day)

3. Get my hair cut to morph into one that more closely resembles that of lovely Karen Elson (after all she managed to snag Jack White with it so it's obviously a winner).

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