Friday, March 07, 2008

It Breaks My Heart, So Hard.

Such is Ready For The Floor by UK folk-synth dance sensations Hot Chip. This song is so perfect in so many ways. When I hear it it makes me almost want to cry because it's such a chorus of pure joy, and fun and that one night you went out with your friends and got wasted to the perfect place where you were trashed but were in no danger of puking and you danced all night with the hottest tall guy ever who may or may not have been an Olympic volleyball player and then made out on the dance floor like you were on the deck a sinking ship and then you went to Del Taco, ate a shit-load of food with their dope green sauce on it, walked home and passed out in your awesome comfy bed- and woke up only mildly hung over because you drank a lot of Dr. Pepper before you went to sleep. And also you had an easily hidden but very much enjoyed hickey.

SERIOUSLY though, Why is it the Europeans can craft so many perfectly fearless shameless awesome anthems to getting out and just fucking dancing your ass off?! What is the hang up in America about this? Cut the yappin' and get to scratchin', people (ewwww, I admit I went too far there). I wonder if it's rooted in homophobia (re: ballet/dancing is for "fags"-sad, ignorant thinking that I hate to admit some people do), and/or some sort of puritanical distrust of anything remotely fun involving the human body, like some sort of slimy residue left over from from the early "settlers".

All I know is that when I watch this video and see that adorable scamp dancing his ass off in a 1/2 a Joker costume, I feel sad for everyone else who's missing out on this band and on that choice to go out and just shake a fucking tail-feather. Will someone please introduce me to a hot tall British man who has an unapologetic love of old school hip hip, 70's-early 90's r&b and new-wave dance magic? Because right about now, I think they are kind of like fabled unicorns in which I catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of my eye and then they're gone, galloping away with my palpitating heart.

Anyways you should go out and buy all the Hot Chip albums, right now.

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