Thursday, April 03, 2008

Songs What I Forgot: The Things We Do For Love, 10cc

Just such an amazing song. I'm amazed how this style of music was huge, then fell out of favor, and now is back in such a big way (albeit packaged differently, but still). I think it was always kick-ass. And then there's the fact that it's sung by 10cc, who if you don't know, you are dumb. Sorry but, you just are. And here is why.

Two members from this awesome band- Godley & Creme- were also responsible for concepting/directing the Police video for Wrapped Around Your Finger (yes, the one with all the candles), Herbie Hancock's upsettingly awesome video for Rockit, and when not directing MTV video megahits, they had 85's hit single Cry (a format later to be ripped off by mega-molester Michael Jackson). Not to be ignored, another 10cc member, Grahm Gouldman, sang the leads on the ONLY soundtrack that I may possibly love more than Xanadu- yes, it's true there is but ONE competitor in my heart for the affections of ELO (which is funny since people often compare both bands to the Beatles AND, Jeff Lynne produced Free As A Bird and Godley & Creme directed the video for Real Love- NERD ALERT). And that film would be 1980's Animalympics. I mean, listen to this. It STILL makes me bawl.

I am a nerd. Did I mention that? Oh. OK. Well I am one. Yep.

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Sans Pantaloons said...

I concur. 10cc remind me of warm summers and ducking.