Thursday, July 28, 2005

"I'm the leader of this pet store."

Where has Brandy been, you ask?

Why, enriching the dramatic minds of impressionable young ones, that's where. Enjoy this photo-blog which shall sum up my hi-jinx the past two weeks.

See Brandy up to her old tricks! Here she is with her adorable co-workers at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, chaperoning a field trip of 30 odd acting apprentices to see The Two Gentleman of Verona. And there's a picture of the Powerhouse Theater at Vassar College, where she's been known to get drunk at an opening night party and throw trays of "wraps" at the brick walls in time to "Love Is A Battlefield". Aren't you proud she's setting such a good example for the artistic youth she's charged with instructing?

My cabin at Vassar. Sometimes, it's even bug-free.

Rosanne's covert bag full o' cheap beer. As teaching/administrative faculty, we all pretend we're not drinking at events where the kids are and they in turn pretend not to notice we, in fact, are. Mostly because they're trashed.

Max & Ben, post lady-clothes at the outdoor Shakespeare performance. They are minors. God is cruel.

Tadd and I are not lying down. We're tall and whoever took the photo is crouching, drunk.

Apprentice Company Manager Aram earns his allowance. In an Oscar the Grouch bra I found on the floor at Dylan's "80s Dance Party", no less.

Vassar's Powerhouse Theater. I've drunkenly danced on these bricks at opening night parties times too numerous to count over the past decade.

Aram, Rosanne & I at HVSF last night. It was amazing.


saraisloco said...

So that's where you've been you minx! BTW, I couldn't help but notice the tan coach bag, it looks good on your arm - just please make sure none of the kids a) steal it, 2) vomit on it, 3) cum on it.

miss and love!

Brandy For Sale. said...

Notice I have it clutched to my body even in my drunken state. I knew you'd see it and shake your fist and say, "Barber!"

April said...

aram is a cutie!

hey are the kids the only ones that can't come on the bag? because i'm sure we could find others who will.

Glenda said...

Just have to say...these comments are cracking me up. :) right on.