Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Jeepers Creepers, Semi-Star.

Imagine my suprise when I turned on Comedy Central and saw they were showing episodes of Mr. Show. Delightful, even with stupid commercials interspersed. The Jeepers Creepers sketch now looks like a Polyphonic Spree video.

I have so much that I've been meaning to write about, stuff I saw that inspired me greatly. A bunch of shows over the past two weeks that I was so impressed with. But I am so lazy that I spend more time thinking about the paragraphs I'll write rather than actually doing it. When I'm in the shower, I have these amazing insights I intend to write down the minute I'm dry & fully clothed. Rarely happens.

OK, I have officially seen that brain-numbing Attention Inventors commercial 5 times in the past two hours. "I shoulda goden a pay-dent!!!!" I swear that when that douchebag says that line, it makes me believe in IQ-enforced sterilization.

Man oh man, was Nigel ever angry at me when I got home today. There was a lot of acting out. That's what I get for being a bad cat parent.

Also, I am not moving home for at least another year. Freak out temporarily averted.

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