Monday, May 21, 2007

I Am Over Mongoloids.

My decree is thusforth and hencelike:

I am not amused, impressed or in any way entertained by the constant use of Bigfoot/Sasquatch*/primitive humanoids in advertising or in entertainment. It's cringe-worthy. I do not care about the fucking Geico ads or about the ensuing sitcom. And while I understand that this seems to be some sort of cottage industry for those actors in the 6' and up range who enjoy stuffing themselves into furred-up jumpsuits, or those possesed of a strong forehead for which latex prosthetics are an easy attachment, I will not be swayed.

Knock it the fuck off. Jeez.

*one exception is John C. Reilly in the Tencious D HBO series. OK, and MAYBE Chaka from Land of the Lost. But that is IT.

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