Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I HEART Matt McCarthy!

From the May 17th show of McCarthyism, all courtesy of the lovely Anya Garrett.

Check this show out, there's only one more left and you'll be sorry if you don't. I advise showig up drunk and rowdy after saying you'd have "just a sip" of white wine at an alfresco dinner with your writing partner (which translates to one entire bottle) then referring the the complimentary chardonnay you're offered at the show's venue as "goose piss". That's how I do.

Later you might want to berate your host, demand that he remove his pants and display his testicles, start an audience chant of "PANTS OFF", berate audience for not chanting to your liking, deny rumours about your various affected accents, try to pull off your host's pants with the help of your writing partner, and then say "Get your ass up there to the tip rail and show us what you got."



Benari said...

No one could tell you were drunk.

Except for everyone.


rosanne z. said...

sounds like a good time... wish i could've seen it myself.

brandy, will you be at vassar this summer?

please say yes.

if you are, i'll be working on campus and living in town, so we CAN and MUST hang out. I DEMAND IT.

much love!!! and i miss you.

ms. rosanne