Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fighting The Good Fight.

David Cross: love him or hate him, the man backs it up. He hates the Belush, he talks about hating the Belush, and when confronted with the Belush, he doesn't pretend to be Hollywood pals and whimper out "Oh, being mean is part of my routine but let's be friends" like a fucking kiss-ass weasel.

No. Our Mister Cross, onstage and off, openly displays his lack of respect and I, for one, think it's great. Fuck all those people there dancing. Half of them are mediocre assholes who paid to go to that show because they watch fucking pathetic boring prime time network tat starring this somehwat shaved ape, and the other half who quote "Animal House" ad nauseum are willing to take the diluted urine essence of John Belushi that his brother peddles to anyone who'll pay attention. As this complete dearth of taste designates them to be walking abortions, I have no mercy for them. I wish David Cross had thrown a molotov cocktail back into the room and that the clip ended with everything- most especially the rayon of the Belush's cheap, shiny expand-a-waist trousers- being licked up quick in flames.

And a good morning to you!

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