Thursday, February 15, 2007

Crying And The Like.

Someone has a new idol named Ms. Amy Winehouse. Someone named me has a wee bit of a crush on this little scamp, who seems to have broken into my laptop and stolen my various entries regarding naughty drunken hi-jinx and woven them into a fine song about how tough it is to behave. Because it IS tough, is it not? It is tough to fight temptation. For example, when at a keg party in the woods of Poughkeepsie, It is tough not go into the bathroom and make out with the guy you're cheating on your boyfriend with while your boyfriend is outside at said party, politely listening to the insipid conversation of the girl who is said guy you're cheating on your BF with's mistress, who is cheating on HER fiance with the guy you're cheating on your BF with, while you and the guy you're cheating on your BF with are cheating on EVERYONE and having a fine time doing so while people bang on the bathroom door. Ouch. My head hurts just trying to recall the details of this particular incident. Look, all I'm saying is this: if your ladyfriend mysteriously disappears at a party AND there's a long, angry line to the bathroom, then you should probably stop dating me. Jerk.

I am still drunk at work today.

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