Friday, February 02, 2007

I Told You That I'm No Good.

Look. I was all aflutter to write an entry where I make fun of this song, but I can't. Because...(deep breah intake) the thing is...I. Love. It.


How is it that this song, which is at this point 11 years old, STILL somehow manages to be the fucking jam?!? I cannot resist the appeal! And I want to , I really really do. I KNOW better. I have a fucking Women's Studies MINOR from Cal State University Long Beach, a city I might add that has the largest Gay/Lesbian/Transgendered population outside of San Francisco! I am an enlightend fucking feminist scholar!!! This is a silly, sexist bunch of crap and I should be immune to its patriachal charms! I READ The Feminine Mystique for chrissakes!!!

But...I also grew up in Dirty SoCal (619! West Coast REPRA), and I went to the high school that they based the "black girl's run-down but full of spirit" school off of in the epic Bring It On. I danced to JJ Fad in a cheerleading outfit & bamboo earrings at my pep rallies while one town over people were playing Warrant at theirs. I cannot deny my roots. I cannot deny that if I was out, having some of the High Life, and this song came on, I would snatch up the closest attractive boy and grind the fucking zipper off his pants.

There. I said it. I'm named and shamed. Let's never talk about this again. Except here.

Also...this is NOT the My Pony video I was searching for but, it is also pretty awesome for different reasons that do not involved dry fucking against the dance floor wall of the Acapulco Inn on 2nd Street with a Sig Ep named Larry who lived across from you in the LBC dorms on $2 Tuesday Long Island Iced Tea Night. Eeeep.

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