Thursday, February 15, 2007

This Is The Heartbreak Hotel.

Allocco and I sang the old Mary J./Whitney standby last night for the karaoke portion of the show, in harmony no less. I interjected lots of cusses as per. I also tipped my cup of keg beer down my front and screamed "I pissed myself, SEE!?!"

I digress.

The joint gig of MORTIFIED/THE REJECTION SHOW was one of the best nights I've seen or participated in, ever. It was so awesome to join forces with such a great show, and I am thrilled to have gotten to collaborate with that rascal Jon Friedman. All of the performers were magical and the music and karaoke were the icing on the heart-shaped V-day cake.

While I did not get drunk and scream hatefully at the boy I had just broken up with while the boy I was still seeing watched in horror as I tried to drink a cup of golf pencils placed next to the song sign up slips at karaoke (and Allocco cheered), I DID threaten people's lives, steal candy, smoke too much, get too drunk, and end the night sobbing. So there's that. I have a fan base to appease, people. They love a trainwreck, and that's what I do.

Witness it here, courtesy of the ever lovely and amazing Ms. Carol Hartsell, whose fair hair and wily disposition belie an interior of steel and mischief. And check out this picture of me, screaming something mean at some innocent bystander most likely.

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