Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Writing Group.

Hey there! Come look at me reading something what I wrote on paper and such.
This is a very special meeting, as this is the core group from our dearly beloved,
generically named writing group of yore. Lots of Brooklyn Friendships (TM) were
had here. This is where Sara & I developed the original scenes that would become
A VERY BETSEY XMAS and many other offensive delightful sketches. Our pal Julie Miller
made it all happen. She's the bomb and shit.

Come out and see what we've all been up to! And support Tillie's, which is a
great place that has red velvet cupcakes. Oh yes, that's right.

Hi Friends,
> I'm hosting a COMEDY reading at Tillie's of Brooklyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> (the coffee shop below my apt.)
> The reading is one of many special events going on in February to celebrate
> Tillie's 10 year anniverary! I'd LOVE for you to come!!!
> WHEN: Thursday Feb. 8th, 8pm
> WHERE: Tillie's of Brooklyn (Ft. Greene, Brooklyn)
> 248 Dekalb (@Vanderbilt)
> WHAT: Please see the write-up below followed by a calendar of
> Tillie's 10th anniversary events in February...
> Thurs. 2/8
> 8 p.m. An Evening of Comedy Readings
> Organized by Julie Miller, who graduated from Pratt with a degree in Writing
> for Performance and now works at Spike TV. With Sara Alloco, Brandy Barber
> (co-producer of MORTIFIED, The Kissing Booth), Jordan Carlos ("Live
at Gotham," Montreal
> Comedy Festival, The Colbert Report), Andrew Condell ("The Tunafish Sandwich Story"),
> Guzzardo ("The Sizzle Twins"), Julie Miller, and Lindsay Nouis. Based
on the
> weekly comedy writing workshop held in Miller's apartment (conveniently
> located directly above Tillie's).

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