Tuesday, June 10, 2008

**Insert Gun Shots and Air Horn Sound Effects Here**

I went with my gal pal Joselyn to see M.I.A. at McCarren Park Pool last Friday. The show was dope, and I wish I hadn't gotten so awfully wasted because it's all a pleasant, neon blur to me now. But it seems I took some pictures...and then later when sober, I stole some pictures. Photo credits noted.

What an amazing show, though. All you M.I.A. haters fuck off, she is amazing and her live shows have been an absolute treat. Not so much so for the lame afterparty we trekked to Studio B for which I have to say, made me want to scratch my eyes out. Yuck.

The title of this blog is a quote from Jos used when describing what happened every ten seconds at the concert. Lots and lots of sound effects, which I liked but had I not been plastered I probably would have hit the ground and started praying.

Flyers- Jos swiped a bunch for us. [Photo by Bao Nguyen]

Kisses & fun at the show for these two drunk ladies. Thanks, Turkey's Nest!

When the sun wast setting, thus the light show didst begin.

Palm tree up close. These looked amazing! [Photo by Bao Nguyen]

More blurry stage shots from the back, where we were drunkenly scampering.

Lights and more lights. [Photo by Bao Nguyen]

Best outfit of all time- M.I.A. and one of her great back up gals. [Photo by Bao Nguyen]

Waiting so, soooooooo long for the G we sobered up. Kinda.

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