Friday, June 13, 2008

My First (and last) Kiss.

I'd say Sara & I had our last dance last night, but a more appropriate description would bethat we had our last sweaty, creepy grind with a guy in a leather cord necklace to Next's hit Too Close. My love and thanks to everyone who came, and to those who didn't, YOU BLEW IT.

Thanks to the amazing cast of this series of videos, and to the wizardry of Carol Hartsell. Here's her very sweet description:

For two years Brandy Barber and Sara Jo Allocco have produced a comedy show that will live on in our memories as a hilarious night of too many drinks, copious make-out sessions, and great comedians. These videos bring together many of The Kissing Booths friends and regulars to say a final goodbye.

Featuring: Becky Ciletti, Emily Epstein, Vince Averill, Matt Sears, Oren Brimer, Neil Charles, Matt McCarthy, Glennis McMurray, Giulia Rozzi, Michael Terry, Carolyn Castiglia, Dan Allen, Eliza Skinner, Anne Altman, Jenny Rubin, Ann Carr, Katina Corrao, Jon Friedman, Michele Colyn, Eliot Glazer, Nathan Kloke, Jiwon Lee, Rob Gordon, Anthony Devito, Carrie Faverty and Jay Bois

Directed and Edited by Carol Hartsell

Produced by Drink at Work and The Kissing Booth

Based on characters created and lived by Brandy Barber and Sara Jo Allocco

And here's the companion- thanks Crespo!

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anne altman said...

TKB's goodbye party was amazing. but the party ain't over, cuz you two will never go away.

you're like a fungus.

a sexy fungus.