Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I don't appreciate being followed around and filmed for the purposes of a god-damned video. My life is PRIVATE thanks very much, down to flaunting my oft mentioned true life dream of having myself animated by Don Bluth (who did the sequence in the film Xanadu that I wish I had not seen because I think that's when, right then and there, that I was ruined for life). How RUDE.

Oh wait...this video isn't starring me? It's just an alarming approximation of my life at the present? Oh. Well.


Enjoy the Scissor Sister's Mary. And try not to make eye contact with me for a day or two. K, thanks.

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dynamite with a laser beam said...

that made me cry, exile in guyville for me is playing on repeat curled up in a ball in my bedroom with hair dyed manic panic magenta wearing my favorite grey cords and green vans. lights off except for the blue christmas lights writing furiously in my journal in coding names due to my adolecent hubris that someone cared enough to spread the word should the tome fall into the wrong hands.