Thursday, September 08, 2005

Disrespecting Apple.

from Brit gossip e-letter, POPBITCH:

>> "You're terrible, Coldplay..." <<
Muriel's Wedding actress speaks wisdom

An Australia man was driving down the freeway when he noticed the woman in the car beside him waving. When they pulled up at the lights he wound down the window. "I've just bought the new Coldplay album", she said. "Do you want it? It's crap!" The man said yes, and she chucked the CD through the open car window. At that point he realised it was Muriel's Wedding star Toni Collette.

I have to agree. I think I'm the only person left who is just throughly underwhelmed by Coldplay. I tend to side with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who opined they were better the first time around when they were called Radiohead (who is clearly better, but it's still a great joke). Of course, I was also enraged by Dido and her blatant Sarah Maclachlan rip-off and was, again, in the minority there.

I understand being INSPIRED by someone else's work. I mean, jesus, my favorite band is openly paying homage to both the Beatles (who are borrowing from early R&B themselves) and Del Shannon. But parroting a sound to the point where you sound like you're regurgutatung*, at least to me, is just lame. Sorry Gywneth, because I really like you, but your man's band is annoying.

*I realized I spelled this really, really wrong. But it looked so funny I left it as is. Like J Lo, I'm real.


2na said...

I am not dying over this album... I don't know. I used to really like them but now all their music sounds the same and all of it reminds me of a certain time that I am trying not to focus on so to hell with em.. to hell with em!

Brandy For Sale. said...

Yeah- you hit the nail on the head, Ang. I just feel like all of their songs sounds the same, they're all whiny and piano-y. I'll take Keane anyday, I prefer my whining pianists to be Scotsman.

April said...

brandy from the block dishes it out.

saraisloco said...

How dare you both! Actually you know I love me some coldplay but this album feels like every song on it should be named "Gwyneth" or "Apple". Hey did any one else in the band feel like expressing their feelings thru song or just the dapper Mr. Martin?

2na said...

I think just senor Martin can have feelings on the albums... hey does anyone know another band members name??