Thursday, September 15, 2005


If you have not seen HBO's import The Sex Inspectors, you are missing out on what has to be the most riveting show I have ever seen. I cannot stop watching this show. It's like in the early days when no one had a VCR and you actually read the little HBO Guide that came each month so you could see how many times the show you wanted to see aired, and then you made sure your ass was there to watch each and every one. It's in its second season in Britain, I wish I could see all of them in a marathon right now.

If you were/are in a relationship where there were/are sexual issues, make sure and watch with a box of Kleenex. You've been warned.


Giulia said...

They also show cracks onthis show. what!?

Brandy For Sale. said...

As I am fond of saying, they don't show pink. But you do see like, total penetration after the penatrating has commenced. Fascinating.

Also I realized the Kleenex comment could be construed as like, a jack off code. But it's in reference to crying, clearly. If I wanted to make a jack off joke, I'd say make sure to have a bottle of Jergen's and a tube sock nearby.