Thursday, September 08, 2005

You Deserve It.

My friend April named a choker she made by hand for me. It has peridots, which are green and therefore superior. She makes all sorts of lucious jewelry, and she charges scandalously low prices because she is A) fair and B) an artist and therefore, humble.

Go by her new site and look at her stuff. I have also asked her to custom make me pieces and they are always amazing- I can describe them to her, make her a sketch or even swipe pics from places like Me & Ro, and she always manages to make me one of a kind things to cherish.

So take a look when you can, or send her a request!


April said...

dude, i like totally love you! see you saturday!

saraisloco said...

I saw that the lovely April has been gracious enough to offer some of her beautfil items for the Katrina benefit and I hope that I am holding the lucky ticket!!