Sunday, December 24, 2006

Blow Me Where The Pampers Is.

Another lovely day in Carlsbad, on the couch and swaddled in pajamas. I was looking up holiday photos from 2004 and am horrfied to say, I had on much the same outfit. It's not what one would call "becoming" but it is comfortable. So very comfortable.

So far the family Xmas Eve has consisted of my father tromping off to the supermarket (which gives me panic attacks to enter as it is the size of my office builing in New York) and making no less than four (4) phone calls to my Mom to discuss various shopping foibles. These have included questions regarding the location of a glue stick (he can't just ask the supermarket staff, I mean, REALLY), the correct size of a bag of shredded cheddar, and an insistence that he buy cold tablets because my Mom may have a cold in the next few days because I sneezed by her. Once. On Tuesday.

Although it's only 1 pm here, I am starting to wonder if it's OK to go hide in the garage and do shots of Patron Silver with my brother. You know. Just to get thru the day.

I was informed by my Dad yesterday that tonight I was going to be making my Mac & Cheese and we would be having honey-baked ham along with it (hopefully e-coli free). There was no debate. It was less a request, more a marching order. So I suppose might should stay sober in order to cook properly. Or not. It's a fun game- drunken baking!

Here are some pics of me making my Mac & Cheese last Xmas. Because we are, after all, Southern*, I put on makeup to do so. Also it appears my brother was my prom date. Yuck.
If you look closely you can see my Dad ruining the photo. Classy, as always. That's us.

*even though my parents no longer have discernable accents
Carlsbad Sunset photo by WineVines

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