Thursday, December 21, 2006

So Save Your Breath For Someone Else, And Credit Me With Something More.

This song is so good. Like Jaques Torres chocolates and Veuve Cliquot. Like being wrapped in a cashmere robe and eating In N Out Burger. Like Vernor's Ginger Ale, and Esposito Brothers' New Jersey Pork Store handmade soprasetta and a riveting book and a down comforter that you've had since you were in high school. It's bolstering, and rich, and comforting. It's a song that, since the 1990's, has managed to make me grind through some pretty heinous shennanigans. And it's a secret handshake amongst those ladies in the know. Which is, I realize more and more lately, with a mix of disappointment and, dare I say, resignation, all of us gals.

If you've never heard it, have fun. Enjoy, Lush's 1996 gem Ladykillers.


Porter Mason said...

One of my faves! And I always wanted to do it with Lush.

Am I in the secret lady club? Probably.

Jesus, I'm slipping farther and farther away from heterosexuality.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Secret Lady,
That's What You Are.

(PARTY MASON! I am singing this to you right now, and my Dad just yelled at me to shut up because he's watching "Why Planes Crash" on Discovery)