Monday, November 14, 2005

"Who is Barbara Walters, anyways? Who is that girl?"- Kendra

Oh Kendra. Out of the mouth of babes.

The Girls Next Door never fails to amuse, and/or antagonize.

I had to laugh at Bridget getting upset about being asked about sexuality during the press junket for her Playboy cover. Yes, that's right. She was UPSET about being asked about SEX when she was promoting her PLAYBOY NAKED LADY COVER. I am shaking my head right now. She's the most irritating one by far.

Also, Kendra was upset that Hef was referred to as a "dirty old man". She's right. Because really, how dare they?! A geriatirc who fucks multiple women who are embryos in comparison to his age? That's not dirty. That's straight up Mormon temple. Word. He's 80-ish. She's 20. Ick. Sorry, Kendra, you seem like fun to hang out with but, ick.

I do love this show but for some reason, tonight it showed a bald spot bigger than the one Hef combs over daily. I'd have more respect for the "girls" - especially that mutton dressed as lamb Bridget (who's 40 is she's a day, she needs to lose the 32 year old shit!) if they just up and 'fessed that they're selling themselves like a package of turkey dogs. Don't try and be classy or inject some sort of dignity in what you do. You show your pussy for money. C'mon, now! Does it cure cancer? No. Is it wrong? No, I don't think so. Humans like sex, and being intersted in it is OK by this porn-savvy feminist (although frankly I prefer real versus airbirshed silicone but that's me). But seriosuly? Don't give me that "Everyone has to be nice to me and baby talk me because I'm blonde and wear baby dolls professionally" baloney. Don't want to hear it, go have your anus bleached.

Take a cue from Jenny McCarthy, who is smart, funny and knows how not to try and put glitter on a turd. She has no issue taking her clothes off for money and has fun doing it, without trying to act as if she's entitled to any respect she doesn't earn. That she's a single parent makes me like her even more.

In closing: I want to yank out Bridget's extensions.


April said...

i genuinely love Miss Holly. she is the coolest. i really think that they are nice girls.

Brandy For Sale. said...

I like Holly because she's upfront about doing it with "baby puffin" (Hef) and she's totally a player. She's in it to win it, this is a job for her, and she makes no pretensions as to it being otherwise. I dig it. If I was her I'd grind up an Ambien, sprinkle it in his single malt, and slowly undress until he passed out each night- all to avoid his gnarled, age-spotted paws mauling my supple flesh. I bet she does, that scamp.