Friday, November 04, 2005

J. Cruel

I just read about the boycott being imposed on J. Crew, who insist on not only using fur on thier products but on purchasing it from China. China routinely kills dogs & cats for their fur, which is then mislabeled as other species' fur and sold to the US- and retailers such as J. Crew.

It makes me want to throw up. But go ahead, buy that funky fur-trimmed coin purse to use for one season! That rabbit that was anally electrocuted and skinned would have died anyway, right? You just keep telling yourself that, princess.

I look at this, I look across the room at my cat, and think how much I'd like to punch the mall shopping anorexics who actually buy this gauche shit in the cunts. I blame Paris Hilton, who I think most likely smells far worse than a mink and therefore should be electrocuted, skinned and made into snappy little ballet slippers.


Giulia said...

Don't worry, JCrew shoppers can still buy dull, boring, plain, grey sweaters at overpriced wasp warehouses. Yeah, I said it.

NotWithoutMyHatand Bell said...

I think they should also skin alive Paris' pal, Taradise Reid and all of the other rich celebrity floozies in Hollywood. They ain't good for nuthin!

Liam said...

something something something easy joke about the Chinese only eating what they kill

Brandy For Sale. said...

Wait...does it involve peeing into Coca-Cola products? Because that's not only racist but a copyright infringement.