Friday, July 07, 2006

Faeries, Gnomes, Mermaids, Dragons, Unicorns Hither and Thence!

I headed to the fancy city of Boston yesterday to perform at the MORTIFIED! Boston show. The night was fantastic- all the Boston cast members were top notch and the crowd was lovely- and we went out afterwords for drinking and hi-jinx. I passed out sometime around 3 am and was woken at 7:45 by the sounds of a huge hammer pounding by my head. It was the contractors putting aluminum siding up on Giulia & Tim's house. Peachy. After eating a lovely breakfast at 9:30ish, we headed into Boston for shoppings and such. I cleaned up at G-Star and the Urban Outfitters Bargain Basement in Harvard Square. Then we went to a creepy comix store where there was only one ailse of comix, but tons of shit straight out of your local Spencer's Gifts at the mall. You know, like rebel flag belt buckles, Zippos with "Rat Fink" on them, stickers of that stupid rabbit saying "You Ain't All That!!!" and other assorted souless snide crap marketed to people with no personality. Yuck. I managed to scrounge up a copy of the Belle & Sebastian tribute book at a good price there, however, so all was well. Did I mention they had an Ashley Parker Angel poster up? All in all, a confusing business.

Rozzi mentioned she wanted to take me to the Johnny Cupcakes store, and I was game. Little did we know we'd get to meet the ADORABLE Johnny Cupcakes himself, who patiently waited in us while Rozzi tried on three t-shirts before revealing his true identity as the loveable proprietor (and this was only after Rozzi asked him straight out if he was the man behind the myth). I even got a picture with him. HOW CUTE IS HE?! Listen- buy his shirts and not the shitty Urban Outfitters knock offs! He is so polite and cool- he told us about his new store opening in Soho in Fall 2006. I hope he continues to do so well, because it's great to see the good guys finish first. I got some buttons and the black graffitti t-shirt pictured here, except mine is a 2006 version. Can't wait to bust it out in Brooklyn.

Later, we saw any and all sorts of enchanted creatures, ate ice cream in a tea cup, walked through a park and saw bronze ducks, looked at vintage porn (OK maybe just me) and then headed back to Rozzi's, where tensions flared and tempers mounted. It would seem an old neighbrohood rivalry was to be revisted as Oliver, Giulia's prior tormentor, was back for more. When we drove up to the house, he was sunning himself quite languidly on the front steps. I of course took the chance to instigate and ran with it, like I do. I egged Giulia on to confront Oliver in the hopes of more fireworks, sans scratching and biting of course. It ended badly. OK, not really, it ended with me shooing Oliver away so Rozzi could get into the house without being attacked. But it was pretty fucking entertaining. Not as entertaining as the homeless guy with the huge shitstains* on his trousers that was dancing in front of us as we walked down the street of lovely Boston shops, mind you. But pretty damned close.

*for the record, I kept PRAYING that a pen broke in his pocket and that mine eyes wereth deceiving me. NOPE.


dynamite with a laser beam said...

BARBER! those are not just bronze ducks! those are the make way for ducklings, there is a lovely childrens book. i apparently also was a tad bit obsessed with then as a child.

Giulia said...

I would have kicked Oliver's pussy ass if he event ried to step to this.

2na said...

That packaging for Johnny Cupcakes reminds me a bit of Dave's quality meat only his stuff is much sweeter!! Cute. I love the pic of you with the gnomes the most.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Those gnomes gave me a fright, I tell you.