Saturday, July 01, 2006

Drunken Late Nite Fridge Horfing.

There were all sorts of mischiefs last evening. Sara and I went to see our fellow comedy duo and pals, Pete & Brian, in their show at the PIT. It's called, refreshingly, Pete & Brian's One Man Show. I have to say that- and this isn't because I think they're both hot pieces of ass- it was fucking fantastic. It was smart, filthy, and fucking tight. They're both actors and it shows. It was so, so good. They'll be doing more shows, so do yourself a favor- see these guys. You won't regret it. I also recommend drinking a few Bartles & James Pina Colada Premium Malt Liquor Wine Coolers during the show. I know Sara & I did.

And then is was off to the races, to Mo Pitkin's. We were drunk by then and full of sass. It manifested itself thusly.

Becky & Adira. I yelled "Ya'll better fucking clap!" and realized my rowdiness was gross.

Fun times in Mr. Strickland's AP Bio Lab! Luv U Guys! Seniors '07!

Piercing stares from the sultry Mr. Justin Purnell & Ms. Sara Schaefer.

Crescent City Cass shows the flip-the-b-in-your-family-xmas-photo trick, Jon Friedman enjoys life and Purnell just misses the flash.

Not pictured- Brooke, Jack and Lang who all had the good sense to go home early or stay away from our sad, loud drunk asses. Sara nearly got in a good old fashioned bar fight. I am glad to say I would not have had to intervene on this one as the man-lady she was gunning for was short enough for her to make mincemeat out of. I am very, very proud of her. A real lady knows when to graciously accept a compliment, how to change the oil in her car, which little black dress to wear to Auntie Rhonda's fueneral, how to write a tasteful thank you note after receiving a thoughtful gift, and most importantly, how to beat the fucking stuffing out of loud mouthed bar sluts who think if they use "black girl talk" they saw on MTV and roll thier eyes they can get away with acting like assholes. Get bent.


Anonymous said...

Dear Brandy,

I desperatley need you back in my life.



KUYA 180 said...

Word up from KUYA! Wish I was back in NY... oh how I wish. So awesome meeting you at the Tank/Souths.
Did Sara send you the pics?!?!

Brandy For Sale. said...

Ms. Lady Rosanne! I miss you, too!

KUYA!!! I did not see the pics- but I will soon I hope. Sorry we didn't get to hang out more- next time I hope?!

saraisloco said...

Shit! Forgot to send them to you. They never came through my work email so Melissa had to resend them to yahoo and I forgot! Will send them today.

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