Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We Can't Be Stopped.

Today, I stumbled across a delightful little channel called TV One. And you'll never guess what they had on. Oh, 'twas truly grand.

It was an old episode of Martin. This one was titled, "Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With Martin". Why, you ask?

Oh, because none other than vertically challenged Bushwick Bill was the guest star. And yes, he did at one point say aloud, "My mind is playin' tricks on me." WHAT!?! I screeched with glee and howled the entire time. Right after this, "Good Times" came on and after that, it looks like "Wanda At Large" is on. I could not be happier. This is as if someone took a scan of my secret reptilian brain, and then used this to program a network.

If I could have any dream job, I would have loved to have been a writer on "Good Times". That, or maybe "Maude". Either or.


saraisloco said...

I would have liked to have been a writer on "Zoobilee Zoo" because it was filmed in Queens, is an easy commute, and I'd get to work with the fancy Ben Vereen. Either that or "It's a Living".

Brandy For Sale. said...

I loved that show and figured I'd move to the city and be a waitress like Anne Gillian and pursue my dreams of being a dancer.

Wha happen?

anne altman said...

don't do it. if you do, you'll get a bad platinum hairdo with bad bangs and potentially, boobie cancer from the magnetic forces eminating from the rotating bar.