Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Do A Mean Minnesota Accent.

It's odd, because I'm not from there. Go figure. Anyway it came in handy in the run of Rich Zeroth's SWOLLEN HEAD, which wrapped up last night. I got to play Rich's Mom, among other things. It was a treat to be a part of it and get to meet some truly fab folks. Many thanks to Rich who let us have fun in our parts, and who bought me 4 Hoegardens (after buying us all beers for backstage during the show mind you) and did not laugh at me when I got the hiccups at the cast party. Let me re-write that- I got the hiccups AND KEPT DRINKING at the cast party. Wino alert!

Rich & Sara yuk it up.

Speaking of winos, here's one I know. Real friendly like and all:

Like the Tubes said so well: She's a Beauty.

And here's two more. Gosh, those show folk love their drinks!

Fantastic Mike Barry (of Weiner Philharmonic) & Delightful Gabe Liedman (of duo Gabe & Jenny).

Special love to Jon Friedman who produced & directed and managed not to blow a gasket during tech nightmares aplenty last night:

Jon would like you to know he does not smoke. Cigarettes.

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