Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Promotin' and Emotin'.

Eww, that title hurt me a bit internally but it had to be done. I am clearly still a tad bit tipsy from my sojurn from after my show to Soho, then the Lower East Side, then the East Village. I digress.

My pal Colleen (pictured flipping the b as we ladies are wont to do) who is a fucking bad ass, has a new totally aws blog based on her Brooklyn stoop adventures. Check it out. I came home, discovered it, and was thrilled. It made me laugh tonight and I was in no laughing mood. I am stuffed full of falafel and self-righteousness and before I clicked on it, I was being just a real pouty-pus. This is an animal much like the platypus but it is A) not a marsupial and therefore, not pouch egg baring and B) not on the Australian continent. It is a mere cousin of said beast, a tall red-headed hot mess of a creature, prone to sulking and eating red-wax wrapped Babybels and reading Peter Bagge comix and listening to George Benson too much.

Check out Colleen's stoop blog. Don't be a creep.

1 comment:

Colleen said...

Brandy you are an awesomepus--wait, that word looks really gross whether suffixed with "pus" or "puss"--never mind but thanks for the love!!!!
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