Saturday, June 17, 2006

Just Add Air Conditioning.

This is the first Saturday I've been able to sit on my ass with apolmb in over two months. No meetings, no phone calls to make, no reharsals, nothing. Aside from a few emails I am responsibility-free. As a result, and in preparation, I went out yesterday and spulrged at the famous Sahadi's Importers and got tons of fancy imported-like treats and then went next door to the best produce stand in the world for fresh veggies. Later this evening there will be a fabulous chick-pea and artichoke hearts salad with homemade dressing served. On the side, there will be fresh hummous from the best middle eastern restaurant which I used to live around the corner from on Atlantic Avenue, when I first moved to Brooklyn. It's called Fatoush and you can listen to the sounds of the BQE exit as you sup upon falafel and such.

While at Fatoush this past Friday, I also ordered a mini lamp pit-za, (not to be confused with pizza) which was utilized for all types of snacking earlier. I had quite the hangover from Thursday night's wicked debauchery and had to counter it by scarfing down mozarella and fresh herbs and lamb chunks. I mandate that, after consuming a piece of the pit-za that the remaining crust is to to be dipped in the lovely hummous, which I have spiked with copious amounts of hot sauce and all is to be washed down with the clean crispness of Poland Spring Raspberry-Lime Sparkling Water.

I am finishing reading the most fascinating book, which I can't go into detail about as it's not out yet. But it's written by one of my idols Christine Vachon and it's riveting. It makes me glad I know about film and theater producing and even more glad I didn't continue to pursue it. I'm also relaxing to a marathon viewing of the first season of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. What a magical day.

I am not picking up the phone, I am not cleaning (big shocker there, eh?), I am not doing a damned thing but luxuriating on the couch under the air conditioner in a pair of boy shorts and a tank top with my hair in a ponytail. Perhpas I should don a mumuu, get a box of bon bons and a romance novella and turn on Oxygen. The only thing that would make this day better would be some nicely placed necking with a tall gentleman (6' and over only need apply) and perchance a nude massage. I'll get to work on that. Let's see where the day takes us, my pets.

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anne altman said...

i'll take an extra helping of AC myself, dear.