Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Barber-ic Yawp.

Last Night, originally uploaded by Sourire.

Things I will do when I get home to San Diego for Thanksgiving.

1. Play Kenny Loggins, "Celebrate Me Home" and sing at top volume with the windows in my Dad's car down as I barrel along the Coast highway at sunset.

2. Eat my weight in carne asada burritos from Alberto's.

3. Buy all the great clothes at the Barney's Outlet that no Southern Californian has the good sense to.

4. Lay out on the balcony in a bikini on Thanksgiving.

5. Make my Dad some sort of swishy cocktail (A saketini, perchance?) and serve it to him with flair.

6. Ask my Mom to play with my hair. No one gets to touch my hair but Kathy Barber.

7. Walk Yorktown, the world's worst basset hound and surreptitiously smoke, then lie to my Dad and say it must have been someone who stood by my coat at JFK and blew smoke on me when questioned about the stench.

8. Enjoy the fuck out of myself while drinking ice cold Miller High Lifes in the hot tub under a canopy of stars.

9. Bulk up on a deep fried Thanksgiving Day Turkey.

10. Play "Name That 70's R&B Classic Soul Jam Hit" with my Dad- there's sure to be selections from the OJays, The Commedores, and most definitely Kool & The Gang.

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