Monday, November 27, 2006


The MORTIFIED! book hits stores tomorrow, and I would love for all three of my faithful Hatefully Charming blog readers to go out and buy multiple copies for gifting and keeping and such. BONUS: There is not only my hideous diary from 1989 BUT, two count them TWO photos of me looking like quite the troll. Well worth the price of admission!

Seriously- this book is an amazing thing, please get ahold of this. And take the time when you're home for the winter holidays to dig up your own diaries, poetry, and such- it's a worthwhile experience to do so. If you want, you can even come and read it in the show here in NYC (or, in Chicago, San Francisco, Boston or Los Angeles). We're always looking for more folks to get mortified. But even if you don't want to publicly share the shame, you can still enjoy the process of catharsis- highly recommended.

Check out this interview with MORTIFIED! creator and fearless reader, Dave Nadelberg, which ran on the Today show this morning. Al Roker interviews Dave and you'll get to see some fantastic LA Mortifiers in action. We'll also be featured in an upcoming Geraldo At Large segment this week (not sure on time- will update when I hear about it) and in a feature in the NY Post (tomorrow, Tuesday from what I understand). And there'll be book signings and all sorts of fun to be had, including a fantastic book launch/anniversary party on December 7th at The Tank- buy tickets now if you think you may want to come, as it will surely sell out.

Seriously, be a part of the grassroots phenomenon that is MORTIFIED! You'll be glad you did. And by the way...I, too, hate Drake. Enjoy:

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