Monday, November 06, 2006

Party! Pizza Party!

My brother and I bought The Land Before Time after eating at Pizza Hut, back when they had VHS tape types of promos at fast food chains. The commercial that was included on said special edition tape made us howl with delight, ESPECIALLY the rocking theme song. This kind soul recorded the commerical (and for some odd reason, the first few minutes of the actual movie itself- no need to watch those). I command you to view this clip immediately. Do yourself a favor- TURN. IT. UP. [Ed. note- Porter finds the sexualization of children to be especially upsetting. I concur.]

Not to be deterred by this cornball escapade, Porter then tried to locate the commerical
for the 80's board game, PIZZA PARTY on YouTube. Apparently, it contained an incredibly annoying jingle that went along the lines of "PARTY! PIZZA PARTY!" No such luck, but we DID find a photo.

Lastly, enjoy this gem, which Porter & I discovered during our web scavengings. I'd say if you accept this date, make sure to wear simple knit garments, as that'll be easier for him to slice off of you when the murdering doth commence.


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Date: 2006-10-31, 7:56PM EST

I have a new homemade pasta sauce recipe and a dough recipe. I just don't want to make all that pizza for just me. I am a am a cook so i promise it won't be nasty. I mostly cook Italian food this is just a new recipe i havent tried yet.

I am a 27/m 5'9 170 short hair. Besides loving to cook i love to do most anything outside. I like to go out to new resturants and try diffrent kinds of food. I love to travel. I love country music.

Maybe we could meet for coffee and make sure we both aren't weirdo's and then if their is atraction we can have dinner together.


saraisloco said...

I'm sorry but I refuse to go on dates with men who don't know how to use spellcheck.

Also, I never had this game but vividly remember someone else getting it at their birthday party ,then me trying to steal a piece to take home. This was after I cheated at musical chairs.

2na said...

i had this game... i made me lkittle cousin try to bite into it... I was (am) a jerk. Porter is right!!!

Anonymous said...

Found the Pizza Party ad. :)