Saturday, November 18, 2006

Three Plays by Margot Tennenbaum.

I was shopping yesterday at lunch, seeking adorable outfits for going out Saturday night to tear shit up and the like. While I did, there was a loud pop soundtrack playing in the store. You know the type-loud enough that I thought at times I was in a club. As I checked out the fit of things in the mirror of the dressing room, a song came on that I was shocked by. This was because it was so obviously cheesy and yet, I loved the fuck out of it. I got so mad at myself for falling for such overproduced crap, but I also couldn't resist it. I got suckered in. And that song, was "Irreplaceable" by Beyonce'. Seriously, I know I'm a chump but I will always love R&B so much. I love that these are amazingly gorgeous women that sing these lyrics, yet they always seem to get cheated on- it's sort of built into things, and almost expected, like tipping your waiter. And then, inevitably, these betrayed but still very well-coiffed ladies have a big ass kicking anthem that they belt out in the aftermath. I wonder what the state of R&B would be if some of the gents actually treated their sweet lady and/or boo with respect. Pretty boring, I imagine.


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Trisha said...

Wow, I think I underestimated Ms. Knowles. She is the s**t!