Tuesday, December 06, 2005

"Did you touch the dishwasher?"

My mother is driving me crazy.

She insists that I have to get off the internet and do something productive. It's MADDENING!

I just said: Hold on a sec, I just have to do one thing on my blog.
My Mom: What? Post something mean about me?
Me: (furious thatshe can read my mind so easily) Why do you say that?
My Mom: Because you're mean and spiteful.

Help me.


saraisloco said...

Angel baby NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Giulia said...

Yup, moms are awesome. I am not even allowed to wash my own dishes.

2na said...

Guilia, need I remind you, you are Italian, you can not do it right... nobody cleans like an Italian mommy...

Brandy For Sale. said...

She's taken the computer away from me!!!

She's screaming at me about what type of lightbulb I have in mt floor lamp!!! When I said "I don't know one that works?!" she yelled at me!!!

I am going on a bender Friday the minute she leaves. Hell I think I need to wake up and do a shot of Maker's Friday who are we kidding?

April said...

deep breathes and a happy place.