Saturday, December 31, 2005

Keyed Up.

For the lovely Sara Allocco's birthday, we took a quick jaunt to Key West, Florida. It was an adventure, to be certain. On the first evening, we were so exhausted from staying up all night the night prior to departure having a slumber party at Sara's that we ate a tasty sea-food laden dinner and ended up stumbling home, comepletely sleep deprived. The next day after sunning ourselves and napping by the pool, we went the local Winn-Dixie for supplies and then on a stroll to the local shops a plenty. We were harassed by a small, drunk Cuban man on a bike who called us fucking lesbains in Spanish, and then "rescued" by some mulleted gentlemen who, sadly, seemed in possesion of as much mischief as our attacker. One particularly choice exchange came when one of these knights asked us, "Do you know that guy?" And I replied deadpan, "Well, yeah, I mean he's my Dad." C'mon, people (rolls eyes, stomps foot, tilts head comically while making sure to face camera & hold mic low for maximum face time at Premium Blend taping)!!!

Later that night came a goss consumption of alcohol, which, in hindsight, was not wise on my part. Why, you ask? Oh, I'd have to say drinking a quarter bottle of cheap champagne, two huge glasses of white wine, 4 or so shots of mostly straigh Bacardi with a touch of Coke for color, and shotgunning a beer in the span of two hours -even on a full stomach- is just not good form. I turned into the person I love to mock and I acted like a drunk jerk. I'm not proud of myself but I also learned my lesson. In 2006, I, Brandy Barber, will be adhering to a new set of booze rules. That's right, no more shots, and I am going to make a concerted effort not to mix hard alcohol with champagne. Champagne is to only be mixed with lots more champagne. Let's see how well that works out- I'll keep you posted. Anyway, aside from my hideous drunkeness, and harassing of the citizens of Key West, I managed to have some fun on an all night adventure, the details of which I have removed from this blog.

Anyway it was fun.

I'm torn between these two garments.

The pelican gives Sara a trial run of my later behavior.

Playing spin the bottle with stuffed animals. Ang has to kiss the pelican.

Hey there, sailor!


2na said...

Brandy my dad checks your blog... thanks for posting that terrible picture and letting the world know we got home at an awful hout... I am not sure he checks it.. I just said that to scare you a bit.

saraisloco said...

Wow thanks for the single greatest trip ever. And no I'm not flipping you off when I say that, how dare you for assuming. Beech.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Well, if you're not, you should be little lady.

2na said...

i hate that picture being up... =( so much so that iused a emotioncon

Brandy For Sale. said...

I'm taking it off, but I hope you know it breaks my heart to do so as it is my fave shot.

nice ass picture said...

I was searching for and your site ended up in the search results. Not what I was looking for. So I will say ado and continue on my way.