Sunday, January 01, 2006

Use That Extra Second Wisely.

My Dad is very vociferous in his disapproval in Dick Clark's hosting "Rockin'" (quotes used to show disdain because I am a mega cunt) New Year's Eve, (TM). He insists they should not let Dick Clark talk because it's upsetting. When Hilary Duff squeaked, "How great is it to have Dick Clark back, you guys?" as she robotically performed her West Coast NYRE (TM) 2006 host duties Terry yelled "Not, in fact it's really creepy and disturbing." Then when she was "singing" her new "single" (again cunting out with the quote marks- boy do I know how to dish out the punctuation zingers or what?!?), my Dad said he wished the drummer who was pretending to play would flip Hilary's newsboy cap off, pound her drumsticks on Hilary's head in a staccato fashion, and then jam both the sticks in her eyes. Awesome.

Now the Pussycat Dolls are on, and I love them and each and every one of their outfits, so I am defending them from my Dad who is calling them "hoochies". I want to know where my Dad learned this word. Then again, he was also listening to "Peoples Come First" by Dilated Peoples earlier, which I gather he stole from my iPod. So there you go.

Now my parents are discussing the dog's bowel movements and the fact that the neighbors are having a loud party, which Terry has already been spying on for quite some time. I am drinking the bottle of Moet at an alarming rate and hope to pass out in the next 5 minutes. Now you know that's right.