Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tangerine Dream.

It's 66 degrees here in San Diego, folks. The bikini is back!

Today I have eaten 3 tangerines. I have a scrape on the roof of my mouth from eating too many Tandoori Crisps yesterday, so everytime I eat a section of sweet, delicious tangerine it's like biting into heaven/battery acid.

You'd think this would be a deterrent. No. I am soon to have my jaw wired shut.

Also, it appears Yorktown was all along a tangerine enthusiast. Who knew?


2na said...

I got the post card... ha you crack me up. I am not sure I have ever been that mad before. The poor happy trolley riders, the poor european 6 year olds that we saw outside of publix early the day before and we ooohhh'd and ahhhh'd and then I flip him off.... maturity check -- that's right a big fat old negative!

Brandy For Sale. said...

It was truly magical. I was almost about to cry and laugh the entire drive. Especially when we started screaming about Radio Shack. Do you remember talking to Burns on the drive there?

2na said...

i vaguely recall talking to MB... i was like i hate myself... i hate brandy, i hate that i dont have a phone or a camera and oh wait there's the radio shackk flag see ya burns!