Friday, January 13, 2006

Tail in Two Cities, or, "The time I was seeing 3 guys and called one guy up and asked for the wrong guy and he totally recognized my voice! Oh, man!"

Being back home has been a very good thing for me. It occurred to me today that as much as I am going nuts out here, missing New York, I have to admit I've been in a better state of mind about things. My Mom insists it's the weather. She may have a point, as I am getting at least an hour of sun alomst every day. I called Ben and demanded he move out of his apartment because I needed the backyard for sunning as a natural anti-depressant. He was, as you'd expect, nonplussed and told me to "suck someone off" instead. What a champ. I have great friends.

I've had my doubts about living here but, truth be told, if and that's a BIG if, I got a writing job I'd move and I guess I wouldn't hate it as much as I always thought I would. There, I said it. HOWEVER I'd still much rather stay on the East Coast, and this is ONLY in the case that the job of which I dream was worthwhile, and OF COURSE I'd still want to keep a residence in New York and fly back every chance I got. But I do miss my family so much, and I grudgingly admit that it being 78 degrees in January is, well, it's kind of rad. At least for a few weeks. Enough to work a tan. Beyond that...I miss my New York so terribly it hurts.

Now I want Gray's Papaya, some good clean snow drifts, and a nice wintery thick pint of Guinness by the fireplace at the Boat. And I want Porter Mason to be there and I want to try and give him girl advice and have him snap at me in his blue penguin hat. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Awwwwssssss.


Anne said...

And you miss riding the TUBES with me sire! You have missed lots of marches fo many choices.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Brandy: Yeah he's working on a documentary about the Tubes.
Anne: What?
Brandy: The Tubes.
Anne: He's in London?
Brandy: NO the Tubes, they were in Xanadu, remember the rock band part?
Anne: The Tunes?
Brandy: No, the...just nevermind.
Anne: OH the TUBES!
Brandy: I'm putting this one on my blog.