Sunday, January 08, 2006

Audience Participation.

Hey ya,

I'd like to ask all four of you gents & madames who read this blog to help a sister out. So, could you leave me comments as an answer to the following question?

In your past romantic relationships, what have been things that have occurred that made you mad? I'm looking for a specific such as "saying she'd call, then not doing it" or "he'd tell me stupid lies for no reason, then be defensive when he was caught". Things of that nature and the like. Feel free to list one or many, but try not to repeat if you've seen someone else mention yours already in the comments (unless you'd like to elaborate).

As a reward please enjoy this photo, of a cat that belongs to a friend of my friend Porter, named Mingus. I swiped it without permissions of any sort because I am a toad.

I thank ye kindly.

* This is for a personal writing project I'm working on, not for publication and of course, annonyminity assured. Wait-"annonyminity" that even a word? Did I make that word up?


Sonia said...

I had a few boyfriends who were late all the time. And I'm not talking about 10 minutes late. I'm talking about 1h30, 2hours late every friggin' time they were coming to my place or coming to pick me up. It drove me crazy! I find that highly disrespectful.


Brandy For Sale. said...

Thanks Sonia- just what I'm after. Keep 'em coming people!

April said...

being too afraid to tell me the truth about how they were feeling. one didn't care enough and the other too much, but neither trusted me enough to be an adult and handle the situations. basically assuming you know me, then making decisions for me without my knowledge pisses me off.

Rosanne said...

Sigh. I'm young, so the sorts of problems I've had are young. And they involve psuedo relationships, instead of legit. But it's all the same; dudes are dudes and behave like dudes, regardless of scenario specifics. So, my biggest gripe is intellectual superiority complexes. Which is the art of hurling as many obscure mythological, astronomical, and historical references at the female in any conversation in order to make her feel...fucking retarded; and make him feel... like he has a summa cum laude degree in intellectual chauvanism . This is a common problem amongst the dapper douchebag collegiate honors crowd. Same goes with humour, as we discussed before. Guys disregard female humour for "cute but weak stupidity" of our sex. I can say one thing and it's "a cute try at a laugh" and a guy can say the same thing and "THAT'S FUCKING HILARIOUS, DUDE." Oh, also, telling your date you're gonna call her, THEN getting high, watching Aquatine Hunger Force, and forgetting... that's also a problem. So yeah, that's about it. Stoners, fake intellectuals, and ass-clowns suck.

2na said...

i had a boyfrfiend who moved to another country though he swore he was not moving or leaving me, he did and then he asked me to move there to only tell me after i went for visa hell etc. that he was not excited about me... talk about a bag of thanks a lot!

Brandy For Sale. said...

Love it, thanks pals. This is great.

Brandy For Sale. said...

I am going to recap these so far:

1) saying they'd do something then not doing it (being on time, calling, moving to a country of Danish origin; Not keeping thier word.

2) Making decisions for you, implying you're not strong/smart enough to handle them- this falls under a combo of disrespect/emotional laziness I feel

3) Being insecure and projecting that onto you

Yes? OK. Who else? How about the gents?

NotWithoutMyHatand Bell said...

Oh my god..I could write a 12 part miniseries on this!! let's see:
1.Telling someone you are looking for a long term relationship and then a week later changing your mind.
2.Complaining how expensive the date was while on the date even though you make twice as much money as me!
3. Making fun of my dog.
4. I also got 3 used beanie babies for Xmas but he did notice them sitting in one of the dog's beds the last time he came over which he was only allowed over in spite of noticing that.

These were all by different guys, I mean assholes.

Porter Mason said...

I didn't like prying things out of a girlfriend, like a mom has to do with a disaffected teenager. "So... anything happen at work today?"

I didn't like it when sacrifices I made were not reciprocated. A small example is, I would often stay out late somewhere even though I was tired because I knew it would make the girl happy. This rarely if ever happened the other way, as when she was tired... all things came to an end immediately.

Giulia said...

Taking my dreams and stomping on them like they were on fire. A dude with a real " I'll believe it when I see it" mentality. Hey! See this? Its my hand ripping off your nutsack.

drunkenpenguins said...

Girls that call when you’re smoking the pitiful, but glorious, sawdust-remnants of a large bag of herb and trying to watch Aquatine Hunger Force.(sorry Rosanne). No that was a joke.

Some girls go on and on about communication and then never say a fucking word about how their actually feeling when they are upset, or why their feeling that way. Half of what some woman say means something else and the other half doesn’t mean anything at all, its just to fuck with you. Relationships in general would be a lot smoother if people were more genuine, if they said what they meant. That’s why arguments between lovers are so strange; often the argument has nothing to do with the emotions behind it. Be as much like yourself as you can, don’t play any games, be tender, but honest, whatever you hide will resurface, even if its as something different.

I’m sorry that sounded so much like chicken-soup for the soul’s after-school special. Also, men have even worse problems in relationships, but most of them are talked about so often by the female community that their more like running jokes then anything else(even if they are true)

Patty said...

How about when a significant other is intentionally vague about where they've been, where they're going, who they've been with, and when you ask, they treat you like YOU are being a paranoid psycho.

Rob said...

Dependence or neediness. Being called over to "help her move", and she hasn't arranged a truck or even fully packed yet. Someone always "did it for her".

As a result I always give the third degree to anyone who asks me to help them move.

Brandy For Sale. said...

All of these are awesome.

Carolyn said...

I feel so lonely - no one has said not sticking up for you to the 'rents! One bf's dad thought I was going to try to punch holes in his condoms so I could get pregnant and steal the family fortune! BF not only didn't act outraged, he told me that his father said that and that he had no reassuring response. Awesome.

But we're still friends. ;)

Brandy For Sale. said...

I will add in: embarrasing me in front of my parents.

I am still, to this day, taunted for bringing over a guy I went on maybe two "dates" with in my freshman year of college who made the fatal error of trying to say some pithy line to my Dad, who had on some random jungle movie at the time. He said: "Ah Tarzan, when men were men, women were women and only Cheetah swung both ways." Terry has never let that one go.